5 thoughts on “WCW: Maxine Peake

  1. She is amazing in everything she does! She was also wonderful as child murderer Myra Hindley in the film ‘See No Evil’ which was set in the early to mid 60’s. I found her performance in this really quite effective – yet highly disturbing. I can’t wait to see Fanny Lye Deliver’d!!!

  2. She is an amazing actress. I first learned of her from the contemporary British legal drama, Silk, co-starring oh-so yummy Rupert Penry-Jones (among other British hotties). Of these historical shows, I’ve only seen two, and I’ll go with The Hollow Crown as my favorite. The only other one I’ve seen–The Devil’s Whore–was good but weird (from my really foggy memory). For some reason, Maxine Peake always makes me call to mind Anna Maxwell Martin–not because they look alike–but because they both are so very talented and seem to be in the same caliber of productions. Whenever either of them are on screen, I’m always drawn into their performances. Thanks for this WCW post, I definitely want to check out Gwen!

  3. SUCH a fan. Not old enough but definitely a piece of social history, her role as Twinkle in Dinner Ladies. And I spotted her only last night in an episode of Pie in the Sky, as a hotel receptionist I think.

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