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  1. Oh honey, you have not had the Catherine Cookson Experience! This blog (hilariously) tells all you need to know about The Moth: http://www.genevievevalentine.com/2011/12/the-catherine-cookson-experience-the-moth/

    All of the films (most from the ’90s) are on youtube–they are a rabbit hole of passion and melodrama that won’t let you go, starring EVERY SINGLE ENGLISH ACTOR you’ve ever heard of, just before each one’s rise to fame. The Moth is the best one, largely due to Justine Waddell’s surprisingly believable ethereal-ness and the Juliet Aubrey/Jack Davenport smolder contest.

    Also, I love Justine in Tarsem Singh’s The Fall. It’s set in 1915 but it’s about a story that Lee Pace creates with a little girl in his hospital ward, so most of the costumes are fantastical.

    1. Yes- The Fall is hands down in my top 5 movies ever. The costumes are stunning.

      1. Seriously! One of the most beautiful movies ever. And sadly not as known as it should be. I love how it illustrates the reciprocal nature of storytelling.

    2. Thank you, you’ve just reminded me that a rewatch of The Fall is long overdue

    3. OH GOODNESS, I am so happy someone else knows the Catherine Cookson Experience!!!

      So. Much. Bairnsketball! WHEN YOU WERE 9!

    4. Catherine Cookson dramas are sooo over-the-top they are almost laughable, Yet one is transfixed. Oh, the travails of poor “Tilly Trotter”. If you watch enough of them, you become a proper Geordie! Apparently every soon to be famous English actor/actress had to be in one when they left drama school.

  2. These days when I wonder about the disappearance of an actress, I wonder whether it’s because she turned down Harvey Weinstein (or somebody else with power).

    1. Kai, you are echoing my thoughts. The option that she turned down the advances of Weinstein or some other producer/director was the first thing that came to my mind, when I was thinking about the cause of her disappearance.

      1. Harvey Weinstein probably really might have been the cause of Justine Waddell’s disappearance, because after she played in British period films, she decided to go to Hollywood and in 2000 played in “Dracula 2000” a film produced by Miramax, the company of Weinstein …

    2. Paloma Baeza is one actor I wonder about…nothing since 2008. She was Tess in one of the remakes of that one as well as Hetta Carbury in The Way We live now. Hetta is the only Trollope unmarried miss who does not come off as a ninny…she even squared off with the dreadful Mrs. Hurtle.

  3. Wikipedia says she’s been involved in Russian cinema since 2011, and currently on the board of a Russian charitable film organization. I was going to say something funny about the Russians and Justine being forced to stay out of historical dramas against her will, but I couldn’t come up with anything witty on a Wednesday afternoon.

  4. Have just rewatched Great Expectations my second favourite Justine Wadell role but then I have not seen many others except Wives and Daughters. Her acting in the lattert was so extraordinary, so much conveyed with just a look making Molly one of my favourite of all TV characters. Reading the book she is very “in character”. she would have been interesting as Tess but I have not been able to get hold of that production. It is sad that such a talented actor has virtually vanished from the screen. I hope she resurfaces soon.

  5. Seen them all, and also her in a few modern things. And YES, she’s stunning in The Fall.

    Not as stunning as Lee Pace in his guyliner, but… ahem

  6. I had never heard of the Fall before. It looks stunning. Will be watching forthwith.

  7. I love Justine Waddell, and have been singing her praises (to the tolerant faces of my friends) the last five or six years! Her face is great, but she’s also a really skilled, subtle actor, even in the crap movies.

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