8 thoughts on “WCW: Joan Chen

  1. The Last Emperor is the only historical film I’ve seen her in, so…yeah. Definitely one of the most beautiful women on the planet. But nice to have a list of things to look for. Vis-a-vis women in power in general, read “The Warrior Queens” by Antonia Fraser.

  2. I have a soft spot for Lust, Caution. I enjoy Ang Lee as a director, and the visuals are excellent.

  3. Sadly unfamiliar with this.. The Honk Kong and 1930s ones look interesting to me though!

  4. Joan Chen is gorgeous and also a great actress. Thanks for putting her back on my radar and giving us all a great filmography to explore. And the pic for The Last Emperor has now whet my appetite for a MCM on John Lone–he’s soo yummy!!

  5. Ruyi’s Royal Love in The Palace is on Amazon Prime, and I just noted that the subtitles also make note of forms of address in them – someone was just greeted, and the subtitle explained that the language specified that he was addressed suitable to “an older male of the same generation, friends or family” which is very useful context.

    I thank you for this post – I like watching other culture’s movies, but sifting through them to find ones worth the extra concentration it takes to read the subtitles (which means I can’t sew while watching, horrors!) is difficult.

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