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  1. I loved Crimson Peak; I got to see Lucille’s red dress as part of the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario a few years ago and the amount of workmanship and tiny details (a lot of which didn’t get picked up on camera) is stunning.

  2. My only memory of “The Tree of Life” is that utterly bonkers dinosaur scene.

    1. She was excellent as a small-town Marilyn with a tragic secret in The Help. (Very) unpopular opinion alert- I hated Crimson Peak, probably because Mia Wakowski strikes me as a black hole of charisma. She bores me to tears.

      My favorite is Tree of Life, though the above plot description seems… misleading at best. I love love love the bonkers dinosaur scene.

  3. Love her! She reminds me of the excellent, sadly departed Chadwick Boseman in that she’s done a surprising number of biopics (and done well in them!) for someone who’s very distinct-looking.

  4. Oh, god, a bubble flip! That does it: I MUST find “Tammy Faye.” But the beige-y thing J.C. wears as Tammy Wynette is the ugliest matron-dress (mother of a Mormon bride?) I’ve ever seen, especially on such a hot young woman.

  5. Crimson Peak is my fave of her FrockFlick roles, though, she really is excellent in everything–even in shows that I loathe like The Help. Even though I couldn’t compare it to the 1999 version of Miss Julie that you raved about, I couldn’t get through 2000s version with Chastain and Colin Farrell, both actors whom I enjoy. It just screamed “two hander poorly adapted for film”–and I just wasn’t in the mood. The nonfiction book The Zookeeper’s Wife is 9 out of 10 stars, and I HIGHLY recommend reading this compelling little-known story. Although I must admit that I am biased and would gush over Diane Ackerman’s (the author’s) grocery list! I haven’t seen the movie yet and had forgotten that Chastain played the lead. This post is the nudge I needed to finally watch it. I also really wanted to watch Blackbeard and Lawless. Good WCW choice!

  6. I enjoy Ms. Chastain’s work, but her look at the recent Met Gala made her look alarming like a femme fatale from some horrible timeline where the Third Reich won the Second World War with help from Alien Space Nazis.

    Strong ‘Master Race’ vibes make me suspect Ms. Chastain should either stay redheaded or avoid wearing black while being very, very blonde!

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