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  1. Marlon Brando didn’t play Caesar; he played Mark Antony. He delivered the most OTT “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” funeral speech ever overacted.

  2. Love you guys and your snark, but I’m pretty sure that’s Wendy Hiller in Crown Matrimonial. Otherwise, thanks for the info on GG.

  3. Yas Queen!! It’s been way too long since I saw Garson’s Pride and Prejudice. It’s definitely time for a re-watch.

  4. I am a moderate fan of Ms Garson’s work. One of my favourite is her Irene in That Forsyte Woman. Costumes have the feel of the period. And of course, her star turn as Eleanor Roosevelt in Sunrise at Campobello. And of course she rocked Lizzie in P&P. Although the 1830s costumes were not Regency wrapped, they rocked and I liked how they showed how Austen could work in later 19th century clothing.

  5. I would wear everything she’s shown wearing in this post. Especially that Blossoms in the Dust gown and the cover photo dress.

  6. The director for the 2005 Pride and Prejudice set in more around the time the novel was written, at the end of the 18th century. That’s why you don’t see the Empire waist gowns in that one. Except in Caroline Bingley, I guess in an attempt to make it seem fashion-forward.

    It’s a good point though, about why setting a period piece in modern times is okay but other historical times isn’t. I’ve always been put off by the time change, but I don’t know why. It’s something to think about!

    1. Her period films are shown here. Mrs Miniver was about current events. Of course, it is all history now.

      In 1939, she appeared in Goodbye Mr Chips. In a flashback to what seems to be Edwardian dsys…

  7. Blossoms in the Dust! I’ve watched it when I was a child, or an early teenager, on Brazilian Television and didn’t know the name of the movie. Thank you very much!

  8. I read a biography about her years ago and never liked her since…something about her insistence on paying roles meant for younger women…
    Anyway, as Lizzie Bennett she was ridiculous imo…but then so was Norma Shearer as Juliet, good old Hollywood…

  9. Hey What about Random Harvest (1942) it’s one of her finest performances and it’s set first in 1918 and Scandal at Scourie (1953) but that’s a film hard to know if it’s period or not and in that Crown Matrimonial picture I’m quite sure that’s Wendy Hiller
    What about her The Little Foxes (1956)?! It’s nice to think about her as a villain for once

  10. OH here I am late night distracting myself on my favorite fashion site
    This post gives me so many ideas I want to share I would love to see you review Mrs. Parkington and Valley of Decision and Forsyte Woman and Marie Curie deserves her own WCW she got lots of Interesting representations here are some:
    1943 of course
    1953 monsieur et mme curie
    1965 Italian miniseries
    1977 Marie Curie British Miniseries
    1990 Marie Curie Une Femme Honorable French-polish miniseries
    1997 les palmes de m. Schultz
    2011 polish documentary acted
    2014 Marie Curie une femme sur le front
    2016 the courage of knowledge
    2019 Radioactive
    If you decide to do it I hope it helps

  11. OK hate to be that boring but here are the missing GG:
    Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939)
    Random Harvest (1942) at least the first part
    The Law and The Lady (1951) set during the turn of the century
    Scandal At Scoutie (1953) ditto
    The Little Foxes (1956) TV early 1900’s
    Biggest Stunners:
    Madame Curie
    Mrs. Parkington
    The Valley Of Decision
    That Forsyte Fool (inside the possibility but as if I remember correctly some of the frock flicks don’t like the original forsyte saga this one is really different then probably much more palatable)

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