12 thoughts on “Top Five Flicks Set in the 18th Century (That Aren’t Marie Antoinette)

  1. I couldn’t agree more I love those movies, but I always laugh at Necklace not exactly for Swank but for seeing Patrick Jane on the 18th Century! Jokes aside I love a good Costume Bitch and those have each one secured to have some iconic ones, by the way ever thought about a WCW on Jeanne De La Motte she has been portrayed serious times usually as a villain, The Affair of The Necklace is a rare exception that tries to give reasons for her attitudes

  2. Gawd, these are all so lush and alluring. “Liaisons” is my favorite as pure movie-making. Haven’t seen “The Affair of the Necklace,” but that’s on my list, despite the odd casting of Swank.

  3. i saw Hugh Laurie in his many seasons of Blackadder LONG before “House MD” became a thing. and it took me almost a full season of House to stop waiting for the GIGGLE… or the Wooster blank stare, for that matter..

  4. Tiny correction, Dustin Hoffman didn’t murder the cat in Perfume, Ben Whishaw did. Otherwise, great list!

  5. I would add any one of the several versions of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Some of them are a bit shaky on the women’s clothing (and makeup!), but everyone of them nails the men’s high collars.

    My personal favorite is the 1934 version. Leslie Howard is the definite Percy Blakeney.

  6. Not a single piece, but the Monty Python “Dennis Moore” sketches not only nail 18th century, but they do a fantastic job with the period underwear.

  7. I would have the exact same list. I can’t get enough of Dangerous Liaisons, and I’ll take any season of Blackadder over most any other comedy.

  8. Dangerous Liaisons–now and always!!!!!

    My only quibble with this post is that I wanted a pick of Ralph Fiennes from The Duchess. (Sigh.)

  9. Prinny! I shouted, to myself. Hugh Laurie was in so much pre-‘House.” Love Blackadder. The other movies are spot on, and pefect for a gray day in the NE.

  10. I’m surprised that all films are about upper class characters.

    My choice would be:
    “Dangerous Liasions” (1988)
    “Das große Abenteuer des Kaspar Schmeck” (1982) – if miniseries are allowed
    “Black Jack” (1979)
    “Mademoiselle de Joncquières” (2018)
    “L’échange des princesses” (2017)
    “Tom Jones” (1964) – if miniseries are not allowed

    I would include films even if they have not the best costumes, if the story is good enough or it’s enjoyable.

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