35 thoughts on “Top 5 Dresses I’d Wear the Shit Out of

  1. Danielle Donato Juliet Gowns from Zeffirrelli’s R&J, any of Sandy Powell’s in Wings of the Dove, Young Victoria, Ingrid Bergmann Anastasia Court Gown, Bob Ringwood Lady Jessica clothes from Dune 1984 movie, Frances Tempest and Linda Mattock Lillie. I could go on and on.

    1. Emily Blunt’s dresses in ‘YV’ are lovely, and that’s not easy to do with those weird styles and bananarama hairdos of the time. In fact, even Miranda Richardson looked smashing even if her dresses had a more matronly aesthete with sashes and swishes and cummerbunds everywhere.

  2. Winona Ryder’s green day dress from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the one with the pleated bustle thing:

    Tilda Swinton’s blue Victorian, with the tiered ruffles, the one she wears as Shelmerdine is leaving: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMjA5NjkxMDQyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjczMTAzNA@@._V1_.jpg

    I’m sure there are a lot more, but those are the first two that immediately spring to mind.

  3. Mina’s whole wardrobe in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but made over in my signature blue, please! Especially the traveling clothes in the end.

  4. Not sure what I’d wear the shit out of, but I’d like to try an hour or two in a squeaking obi from The Makioka Sisters, to see what the experience is like.

    1. Absolutely. But especially the brocade “at home” dress and slippers worn by the Countess Olenska, (Michelle Pfeiffer) in the scene by the fire.

      The cold shoulder dress (gold color) worn by Veronica in her first outing as a courtesan. I know that Frock Flicks has dissed this dress and style as non-authentic, but I DON’T CARE, it’s still gorgeous…

      1. Sorry, forgot to mention the name of the “courtesan” film. It is “Dangerous Beauty”.

  5. As a bloke I would certainly choose to wear that costume which Mozart (wolfie) wore when he conducted in the opera house, in the film Amadeus. It is balls out AMAZING, ignoring the slightly bizarre and very pink wig of course. The embroidery and fit is gorgeous. His brown satin number – with blue waistcoat – is absolutely stunning as well. I do love that French court style to bits, so I also have to say anything that Valmont (john malkovich) wore in the film dangerous liaisons would happily be snaffled and worn to pieces!

  6. Anything from The Borgias, and some of Downton’s Lady Edith’s outfits in her snappy bohemian newspaper editor era.

  7. My Top 5 Dresses: Miriam’s playsuit in S2, Mina’s Red gown in Dracula, Madame Olenska’s red bustle gown in Age of Innocence, Marion’s Green gown in Allied, THAT green dress in Atonement!

  8. Does it have to be a historic gown? ‘Cause I’ve always loved Bette Davis’s pocket dress in All About Eve, even though it’s brown and I don’t look good in brown.

    1. Knowing you, why am I not surprised. You could absolutely pull it off.

  9. Olivia de Havilland’s iridescent sparkly medieval dresses in Robin Hood (1938), Claudette Colbert’s super-pre-code wardrobe in Cleopatra (1934).

  10. The Ophelia costumes are crazy but gorgeous, long hanging sleeved were a thing in the middle ages though, people used to knot them so the wouldn’t trail on the floor and get underfoot.

  11. Given the way I’m built, I’d have to say anything worn by Miriam Margolyes in Age of Innocence

  12. Either Gertrude’s red bliaut gown or her black “closet scene” gown from Zeffirelli’s Hamlet (I think the black gown is a favorite of Sarah’s too?). I’ve been hot for those two since 1990.

  13. Queen Elizabeth’s peacock-ruffed gown in “Shakespeare in Love” is perfection, and I would wear it to death. My death, not the gown’s.

    In fact, I want to be dressed in it for my Viking (ViQUEEN!) funeral.

  14. I would love, love to wear anything work by Polly Walker as Attia of the Julii. Polly’s a full-figured gal, but she looks so drape-ily (that is too a word!) elegant and statuesque and she had just the right touch bling here and there.

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