5 thoughts on “Costumes Are Still Great in S2 of The Great (2020-): Part 1 – The Blondes

  1. I haven’t watch this show, but, after reading this, I’m gonna give it a shot. I love it when y’all delve into how costuming delineates character. The fabulous article y’all did on the hairstyles of Bridgerton was what finally persuaded me to watch that series.

    1. I love this website! I have been hate-watching The White Princess in order to see Jodie, and googled something like “appalling costumes in The white Princess” and got your website. Your posts on that show made me laugh out loud many times! We just had a couple of scenes where poor Jodie is wearing some sort of long vest thingy with a green ground and beige–wait for it–big knotted ropes printed all over it! Her mom in the Tower was wearing a kind of mock turtleneck. I died laughing, all by myself, on my sofa, like a madwoman. Right now there are several men and women on the screen, and they all seem to be from different periods, mostly that famous period called Ummm…

      I love The Great, and hope it gets more seasons. Thank you for your fun website.

  2. Thanks for the commentary on the maternity gowns Catherine wore! Also, Gillian Anderson continues to wow and her gowns during her stint on The Great were incredible.

  3. This show is way more fun than it has any right to be. As for the fashion, is it wrong that my favorite accessory of the season is Peter’s centuries-ahead-of-time Baby Bjorn?

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