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  1. They are all marvellous in their way. But I have to single out three: Yulia as Elizabeth Petrovna, Lucy Davis’s Etta (loved her comment about slim and corset wearing ladies) and Bronwyn James’ Fanny.
    Portraits of Elizabeth Petrovna show a woman powerful in appearance and similar in build to Yulia (after all EP was Peter the Great’s daughter). Yulia portrays her as that: sure of herself, confident and a force to be obeyed. Really loved her confrontation with Sophia’s (Catherine) mother on her affair.
    Etta Candy, if I remember correctly, in the WW series was played more as comic relief and not very empowering. Etta in the comics was plus size, but intelligent and capable. Something Lucy conveys very well.
    Bronwyn’s Fanny is such a delight. She’s caring, loyal and knows her worth. She may have doubts, but holds her own.

  2. I love Beatie Edney as Prudie in Poldark. She’s not so much of a major character, but she’s got lots of sass!!

  3. The reference to Fanny tasting like butter was something I noticed the first time I watched that ep. and thought, “Aw, that’s sweet!”

    The second time I watched it, I guess I was paying better attention because the preceding scene Fanny is complaining to Margaret and the other girls that she’s so dry that sex is uncomfortable and Margaret tells her something like “a bit of butter will sort you out.”

    So when the guy is eating her out, and you see her dip her finger into the butter dish beside her and lick it off her finger… eyebrow waggle

    1. I didn’t notice the dry comment, but I didn’t see Fanny dipping her finger in the butter dish & wondered if she was using it as lube. But I still loved how it gave the guy the impression that she tasted like butter! That was such a positive scene — both for a larger woman & of cunnilingus in general :)

      1. Totally! I love that they show a lot of positive aspects of sex… While totally focusing on the shitty aspects to drive the story. But hey, it’s something!

        1. It’s shockingly balanced. I’ve looked for more analysis of the show but apparently, ppl only reviewed the 1st ep — so there’s plenty of space for us to dig in, HAH!

          1. Have you finished the series yet? I’m dying to talk with someone who has. I HAVE SO MANY FEELS.

            Also, I really want to read the book that a large chunk of the research for the show came from.

  4. Beatie Edney is currently in a British series, “The Coroner.” She plays the main character’s mother and she is hilarious. In the series, she frequently appears in a short satin robe, as does her boyfriend, and it is obvious that she has a more interesting sex life than her daughter.

      1. Miriam Margoyles was brilliant in Blackadder as well. She played Blackadder’s Puritan aunt in the second series and Queen Elizabeth’s Nursie in the third and was just sidesplitting. I don’t recall if she was in the first or fourth.

          1. I love Miriam Margolyes! She has no filter during interviews and documentaries – try and find her Graham Norton appearances and also The Real Marigold Hotel documentary. She is so deliciously honest!

        1. I watched it when it first came out and then a few years after that, and I think I need to revisit it again. I remember enjoying it, but nothing really stuck with me except the confusing surgery that Matthew Broderick’s character is made to undergo. To remove his “kink”? Whut?

  5. LOVE IT! Sadly I couldn’t think of any more plus size costume drama ladies, but this list is <33

  6. I love that black and white tessellated dress that Tracy wears in the big dance-off conclusion of the Hairspray movie. It’s so unlike the poofy, swirly dresses in the rest of the film and it moves and glitters beautifully when she dances!

    I’ve often wondered if you gals would consider a right up of Hairspray – I’m not sure if it’s historical enough, but if it is, you could write for days about Queen Latifah’s costumes alone. (Michelle Pfeiffer’s too!)

    1. It’s before the “no films set after Trystan was born” rule (so, nothing after 1969 unless it’s REALLY important in some way), so totally within our wheelhouse. I think the three of us just aren’t that excited about anything from the 1940s-1960s, which is the biggest challenge. But “Hairspray” (and hell, all of John Waters’ stuff, really) is fabulously designed…

      I’m a big fan of the original film, though. Still haven’t seen the remake.

    2. I’ve mentioned Hairspray a few times on the blog bec. I’m a HUGE John Waters fan (yes, even Pink Flamingos!). But as Sarah said, 1960s is generally our cutoff.

      1. Interesting note: In an interview, Waters said they had to keep feeding Ricki Lake candy bars to keep her weight up because she kept dancing the pounds off.

  7. I’m watching Harlots on Hulu and have two more episodes to watch. That will happen tonight.
    So what about Harlots post on roles to be expanded upon for season 2, the level of popcorn screen tossing Lucy engenders (issue as hopeless as a courtesan or …,), people of colour in 18th century England, and the addition of a pet dog for young Jacob or Mrs Quigley?

  8. I’m glad as the show seems so real, including the ‘sh*t’ in the streets. And how the religious women characters seem only to blame the women. Men should shoulder more blame than women as careers were limited for women – Wife, maid, governess, whore – I know women worked at other professions but except for factory workers, my history profs always said that they were the exception to the rule.

    Also 9 more days until Outlander Season 3.🙌😁🐕🐕🐅

  9. I love the tummy comment. Sooo true, lol!
    And a little story that never fails to make me feel better: When I lived in London, I had one of my roommates who was a coursier… And also a serial dater… Okay, sort of a man whore.
    Anyway, came back and bragged about having a date with a model one evening, making us girls sigh, and the guys green with envy.
    Fast forward to the next morning, when someone came back quite early, and in a very bad mood. Unsubtle prodding let loose a stream of complaints about bruises in delicate places, and this crowning jewel:
    “I feel like I spent the night with my bike!”

    We girls giggled all week end (okay, so celebratory pseudo mimosas helped), but the poor dear had sounded so righteously indignant!

  10. While I’m happy Wonder Woman had a tasteful portrayal of Etta, I’m still cross she didn’t get more screen time.

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