7 thoughts on “The Great – Recap Episodes 9 & 10

  1. George’s red dress’s skirt really does confuse me slightly. Those are masses of cartridge pleats going on there at the side waist and rear… then supported by underpinnings – but the cut and construction of the skirt is far more 17th century (particularly early Restoration in my opinion.) Sans those 18th Century underpinnings of course. It is a mash up that just looks weird in context, though I think the pleats look good in construction. But that bow!!!!!

  2. I would be fasinated to know Kendra’s thoughts on the strangeness of the construction of that skirt. :D

  3. That red dress looks like the Sang de Christ dress Claire wears in outlander. It’s like they borrowed the dress, stuck a wired butt bow and silly flaps on the sleeves to disguise it. Also I love Elle Fanning eating the box of Krispy Kreme.

  4. I dig the hot pink. It doesn’t look authentic to the period, but… this isn’t history. ;)

    I don’t think this period suits Charity Wakefield at all. She looked much better in S&S, style-wise.

  5. One thing that this show kept consistent,whether costuming was accurate or not,is that the actresses looked gorgeous in the outfits.I was pleasantly surprised by Aunt’s fur trimmed outfit,because this style is so common in period portraiture but is rarely represented on screen.
    Georgiana’s red dress is baffling.Construction wise it is similar to her burgundy dress,but that didn’t look so weird as this one.Something about the ketchup red colour doesn’t read well to my eyes.It isn’t even a real sanguine red shade,which looks amazing on Charity in real life.

  6. What drove me nuts about the pink dress once it was ripped open was the hook and eye closures they weren’t even trying to hide. And what was super annoying is that even they were pink!

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