8 thoughts on “Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun Still Needs a Real Biopic

  1. I actually just watched this recently and found it pretty good, however I did not know much about her life so I couldn’t speak to the history. I do recall lots of okay costumes (and a number that would have been okay if they had taken 5 minutes to fit better). The main thing that ticked me off while watching was how quickly the narrator talked – I wondered if he was paid by the word, rather than the hour, and just wanted to be done with it ASAP.

  2. There was a Major exhibition of Vigée Le Brun’s work at the Met in New York two years ago. If anyone deserves a real biopic with fabulous hats and dresses, she does!

    I want to see the look from her portrait of the Comtesse de la Châtre recreated on the screen.

  3. I enjoyed it but felt that it omitted alot. Such as her relationship with David (which you mentioned), and her closeness with several of her patrons. And I’m not restricting it to just Marie Antoinette, but possibly Duchess of Polignac, MA’s bestie.

  4. I know very little about her — what would you all recommend to fix the conundrum? Please and thank you! 🌷

  5. Is this an English-language documentary or the French one from 2015? I read a young-adult bio of her decades ago, and was fascinated. Now, as a 60-something, I really appreciate women who know/knew how to take care of themselves.

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