1 thought on “The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) short review

  1. FIFTEEN YEARS LATER: I just rewatched this movie for the first time in ages, then headed over here to see if there was anything about the costumes here, and aside from a mention in a few other articles, surprisingly this was the only review! Now, I kinda agree that there was a lot of “meh” in it, so I’m not entirely surprised,since some of the more fun outfits (Edmond’s beautiful robe, the pretty waistcoats, Luigi Vampa’s fun smugger’s outfit). I think my biggest beefs with the film are the pacing and the way it was shot; spending too long with the setup so the revenge arc felt rushed, spending too little time on Parisian society so we missed out on a lot of pretty clothes. Mercedes might have had some nice outfits, but nothing really stands out to me? She had that red gown at the party, but it was kinda plain, even if her hair was nice. Overall, it’s the actors that stood out to me, because OMG ALBERT WAS YOUNG HENRY CAVILL???? THAT’S BABY SUPERMAN???? Also, James Frain, Helen McRory, Guy Pierce and the ever-beautiful Jim Cavezial who all went on to do much better and more memorable works.
    Since I first watched the movie back in high school, rewatching it now is partly colored by nostalgia, but what could have been a magnificent movie was crippled by too little time to adapt a sprawling story, and by early-00’s lighting and film making styles.
    Still gotta admit, that fight at the end was pretty cool, though. A+ fight choreo.

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