6 thoughts on “The Artful Dodger (2023-)

  1. Always wanted to know what happened to the Dodger after he was transported (and after his truly wonderful trial scene – “I’m an Englishman ain’t I. . . Where are my priwileges?” So I’llneed to give this a look. (Of course Fagin was hanged, but well – it’s all fiction!)

  2. For those who have seen it, how noticeable is Maia Mitchell’s very contemporary looking blonde balyage? Maybe it’s because I know of her more as a brunette but the hair keeps making her whole head/face look like someone who definitely knows what an iPhone is.

    1. The balayage and the Kardashian make up contouring is breathtaking. I just finished watching, and generally loved it. Fanny is my favorite character. Her clothes were so fussy!

  3. I couldn’t figure out why Thomas Brodie-Sangster looked so familiar- he played Sam in Love Actually! I only saw it once, but I loved the relationship between Sam and his Stepdad. :)

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