8 thoughts on “TBT: The White Queen (2013), Ep. 5

  1. The woman who plays Margaret Beaufort is named Amanda Hale. I remember seeing her in this and a few other things all around the same time, thinking, “Wow, she’s good! She must be on the cusp of blowing up,” and then never seeing her in anything ever again. According to IMDb she has been working, but I think she deserves some higher profile roles!

      1. So does Margaret Beaufort. As a Lancastrian she supported the Readeption but her main concern throughout was young Henry’s location and safety. Henry’s Yorkist guardian was killed in front of his eyes and it was a great relief to Margaret when Jasper Tudor took charge of the boy. Margaret did not consider Henry a potential king until the usurpation of Richard III when she joined forces with Elizabeth Woodville to replace Richard with Henry and Elizabeth of York.

  2. Who’s the blonde teenager hanging out with Elizabeth in a couple of photos? One of her many sisters? (I hope it’s not supposed to be Elizabeth of York, who was 5 or 6 then, but anything is possible in PFG Land.)

    1. It’s one of her sisters! Mary, I believe! They introduce a teenage Elizabeth of York after the final time skip which I think is in the second to last episode? It’s been awhile haha

  3. If I saw that green outfit on Anne uncaptioned I’d never guess it was supposed to be fifteenth century.
    One has to pity Anne Neville, she was about fourteen when married to Edward of Lancaster, who by all accounts was a nasty piece of work, and basically became a hostage for her father’s good behavior in the custody of a suspicious Margaret of Anjou. Anne was then dragged from pillar to post behind the Lancastrian royals until the venture ended in disaster at Tewksbury. She might have been relieved that the consummation of her marriage was put off, or concerned that it meant Margaret planned to double cross her father and drop Anne as bride at the first opportunity. BTW Anne and Margaret were nowhere near the battle of Barnet where Warwick bit the big one. Or near the battle of Tewksbury either. As I recall they were some distance from the field at a local manor house awaiting news. They promptly fled and were eventually captured at a convent where they’d taken refuge. Margaret was forced to ride in Edward’s victory parade but otherwise treated with kid gloves. Anne was apparently placed in the custody of Clarence and her sister. So no gang raping.

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