12 thoughts on “TBT: The White Queen (2013), Ep. 10

    1. Thanks for getting through this slog! Sad that a D- is pretty good for a PFG related show! Anyways EoY was rolling in her grave! She would never fall for her fucking Uncle! Why should I even be saying this?! Rant over!

      1. Careful! The Ricardians might hear that and insist on your being hanged by a noose of Boyfriend Material for slandering their Hero.

        I, on the other hand, consider making Richard III a creeper the most authentic element of characterisation in this show.

        Go Tudor! A Red Dragon, a Red Dragon!

        1. Not necessarily, ED; I am a Ricardian (paid-up member and all that), but I don’t write fanfic about R3, and am capable of listening to different points of view. Meanwhile, a York, a York!

  1. Sarah, please help yourself to as many pink drinks as you need or desire. You need the relief after slogging through this poorly lit mess.

  2. I must say, almost every female in this slog became more interesting than Elizabeth Woodville! Anne and Isabel Neville were more interesting, Margaret of Anjou was certainly more Interesting, Even Margaret Beaufort was more interesting! I forgot about Elizabeth of York, I guess she was nominally more interesting to watch?

  3. I remember a book about one of Elizabeth Woodville’s sisters by Susan Higginbotham? The One who married Jasper Tudor? I wouldn’t mind a biopic TV show about Katherine Swynford? She must be more interesting than Elizabeth Woodville? I know Starz would find a way to fuck it all up! Any other network but Starz or Netflix!

  4. I forgot Cecily of York got shafted too! She doesn’t even make an appearance in this series! All we get of her in the White Princess is “Jealous Bitch” Yeah, Real feminist rep, Starz!

    1. Cecily seems to have been a favorite of Margaret Beaufort who firmly supported her second marriage.

  5. Richard III himself said on oath he was not considering marriage to Elizabethof York. In fact he was negotiating a double marriage with the Portugese royal house for both himself and Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth Woodvile came to terms with Richard after the failure of her plot with Margaret and Buckingham. With her allies dead or under house arrest she had few options. She herself might have been happy to stay in sanctuary forever but her daughters needed a future. Elizabeth was careful to secure a public oath from Richard that the girls would not be imprisoned in the Tower and that they would be given suitably noble husbands. She obviously didn’t trust Richard as far as she could throw him..
    Elizabeth of York was dressed like the queen which seems weird to the modern eye but might have been intended to emphasize Elizabeth’s importance and make her a more attractive bride to the Portuguese.
    I said above that Elizabeth Woodville might have been willing to stay in sanctuary forever, I base that on the fact that she was intending to withdraw to a house within the Westminster precinct after seeing Elizabeth her daughter safely wed and crowned and an heir born. The change of plans which saw her give up her lands to her daughter and retire to Bermondsey convent instead may not have been forced upon her as generally thought as she was planning retirement anyway. Her request for a very plain funeral suggests that her reduced means may have been deliberate downsizing on her part. Given everything Elizabeth Woodville had been through a simple, quiet religious life may have appealed tremendously. She probably also felt some guilt over her sons’ deaths she wanted to expiate.

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