8 thoughts on “TBT: The Last Mistress (2007)

  1. Interesting that the title is translated as The Last Mistress instead of the literal and more accurate An Old Mistress.

  2. That.. garment she’s wearing to needlepoint. Help me here. To me it looks more like something worn at Studio 54 in 1976. Am I missing something that makes it historically accurate? Or is her character so on point she gets a pass?

  3. I can’t believe you made it through this movie! I watched about 10 minutes before wanting to stick a fork in my eye!

  4. I’m just happy with the name Hermengarde- Hermengarde/Ermengarde is one of my favorite old names (Ermengarde is Frankish- earliest I’ve seen it is 6th c), and I really wish it would come into use again!

    1. I also love Hermengarde as a name. I almost used it as my SCA name but I was having a hard time finding documentation for it. So I switched to Hermina, which everyone mispronounces as Hermione.

      1. You can document it if you drop the H, and then just use it with the H if you like. Mine is Liutgard, but in period it could be spelled Luitgard, Lutgarde, Hlutgarde, or any and many such combination. (I just happened to like Liutgard best.) I was also looking at Liutberga, until my sweetie, who works in a middle school, asked me if I wanted to be called Lootburger. Uh, no. I also really like Helissande, but I know people would shorten it to Helly, and I hate diminutives.

        Hermina is nice! Do you pronounce the H?

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