8 thoughts on “TBT: John Adams, Episode 5

  1. I like the hair on the French guys. Really seems like a lot of attention to detail in the production design as a whole.

  2. They really did the normal,everyday kind of clothes and hair very well.Abigail’s green gown is gloriously gorgeous.
    Is the cut of the coat on Genet accurate though?It looks a bit too high for the ’90s.His entire aesthetic gives perfectly Regency vibes,perhaps a bit too early for it.

  3. John wasn’t the only one annoyed when Hamilton showed up. Jefferson was like: I HATE THIS BUFFOON, GET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT. And I gotta admit, as much as I love Rufus Sewell, his Hamilton annoyed me too. XD

  4. Correction: the Presidential Residence has not been ransacked by angry mobs but by Washington himself (as a reference to the fact that the real life Washington comitted plenty of embezzlement, while in office).

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