14 thoughts on “TBT: The Assassination Bureau (1969)

  1. So, one of those movies best enjoyed with the sound off so one can focus on the pretty pictures? And judging by the images the pictures are very pretty indeed.

  2. Am looking at that corset picture, and seriously think someone missed their calling as a naval engineer: You can do that to a pair of boobies, you can make ANYTHING float!

    1. Ah, the bad garb classic, Tits on a platter. AKA, tortured puppies look. How many women at the local Ren fair have been talked into this look?

  3. Oh my, my senior prom gown (1970) looked very much like the outfit in the photo of Miss Winter knock out by the intentional gas link.

  4. not at all, it’s a fun romp o’ silliness and that’s what I enjoy about it. I don’t think it ever set out to be great “cinema,” as the story is silly in the first place. but the clothes are delish and beautiful, and some of the lines are wicked funny. I’m glad you watched it. I think of this movie as I think of cotton candy; light, air filled fluff that doesn’t aspire to be a great meal. just a fun snack that leaves you feeling sticky. :-D

    1. Exactly. Not a great film, but a lot of fun. And I think most of us mentioning it were strictly thinking it was an Oliver Reed costume film that you seem to have missed in your rundown.

  5. I felt the musical number set I the Viennese keller was reasonably accurate. (At least sans blutwurst bomb). I’ve been in places like that. Locals, not tourists. Impromptu singing and dancing, etc. Heck, there used to be a German restaurant here in San Francisco where as the evening wore on the head waitress would occassionally get up on one of the tables and begin dancing and singing.

  6. Not sure if you meant it ‘The film came out during the first wave of feminism hitting its peak’ or that it takes place then.. because the 1960s is considered second wave ;)
    No snark intended, cant forget all our suffragette ladies out there! :)

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