10 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: “Reign” Is Not Your Average Quinceañera

  1. just because they’re expensive doesn’t make them less ugly. That fuchsia thing is a fashion disaster, I don’t care how much they paid for it!

  2. oh guys…I gotta say that this show had the most stunning and most beautiful dresses I ever saw on a tv show – historical or not….but if you ask me this show only borrowed a few names and locations and created sth entirely unhistorical. Still love it, though – especially the clothes. <3

  3. Reign is the FIRST time that my historic costume blind friend called to say, “Have you seen it? the costumes don’t seem right!”
    So I researched the designer, she said that she wanted to make it more relevant to modern eyes!!!! EEK! Then call it a fantasy, not historic drama. !!!!!!!!

  4. Are you sure for the ladies in waiting dresses they haven’t just raided the costume wardrobe of LOTR? All the really pseudo Norman long sleeves in crushed velvet remind me of the SCA in the late 70’s.

  5. I have a Facebook friend who said: “I am a little obsessed with Reign. I love the costumes. I really think I belong in that time period.”

    It took everything in me not to start posting actually portraits of Mary Queen of Scots and saying, “yeah you would look good in a farthingale and neck ruff.”

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