9 thoughts on “Shardlake (2024-) Episode 1

    1. I’ve read the first novel, but didn’t really cotton to the series – not an admirer of Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell or their leg men – though I am willing to give this show a chance, should it show up on a subscription channel I can access.

      1. Shardlake, and Sansom, aren’t admirers of H8, eiither. (Sansom detested nationalism, so I doubt very much he was a Tory.)

        1. Sorry, that’s “either.” Anyway, I must see this. Not sure about Bean, much as I admire him, playing Cromwell, but cannot resist hot English kirtle action.

  1. I’m reading the last Shardlake book now & am sad that there will be no more. I’ll have to pay for a month or look for a free trial of Disney+ to see the series. I would love to see these stories come to the screen.
    One question about the parrot — blue and gold macaws are native to South America. Isn’t the 1530s a little early for one to show up in England?

  2. Disabled actors playing disabled characters FTW (even if it’s not a 100% match) – yay for no cripping up!

  3. I do hope the TV series continues with the other books – which have more court characters and more women!

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