10 thoughts on “Perry Mason, Season 2 (2020-)

  1. Okay, this is kind of weird for me because I grew up with the Raymond Burr TV series and it’s hard to see anyone else as those characters– even though I knew the Erle Stanley Gardner source novels dated back to 1933, and had previously been a series of film adaptations and a radio series.

    But damn, that’s good early ’30s costumes! I love it!

    I wonder if they used the six 1934-1937 features as reference material, since they’re still around and WB even released them as a “Warner Archive” set several years back?

  2. I couldn’t get into it. I didn’t like the gospel lady story and her scenes were so long!

  3. I can’t wait to see more of these beautiful costumes. I’m just sorry they couldn’t bring back Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice. Her “offstage” wardrobe was amazing. I’m a fairly new fan, so I’m looking at your history so see what you did three years ago about Season 1.

  4. No appreciation for Della’s STUPENDOUS red evening dress she wore when she was accompanying Ham Berger? My lord, that was so fabulous I nearly experienced what the poets used to call “the little death.”

    1. Nevermind – this was just episode one. Strap in everyone. Della gets to gallivant!

  5. Happy dance over here that this show is back, and the costumes are as great as the first season. So many original garments! And the mom in court? I HAVE THE SAME LITTLE BAKELITE BROOCH.

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