11 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (2020) Goes DARK

  1. looks intriguing. I get you on programme content right now though- I don’t mind the odd murder mystery but the missus us telling me off for ordering ‘twee’ DVDs. Wotevva!

  2. Magda’s look is so striking(the demon-ness? of course).
    Is that form fitting black dress made of leather?There is some serious couture level sleekness and fluidity in the skirt,but the similar coloured top looks more like leather than silk.

    1. That dress is pleather & the costume designer describes it in more detail in the Variety link above. It’s really amazing on screen & suits the character perfectly!

      1. Wow, really? Having been watching the show, I would have guessed the skirt portion was some sort of heavyweight or underlined spandex; I wouldn’t expect pleather to have that level of fluidity and soft ripples. …It must have been hot as …well, hell in that thing.

  3. Started watching. Within 5 minutes, it was too much. We were both wanting to hide under the bed and sob so gave up, despite the intense appeal of LA in the 30s.

  4. I keep seeing ads and it looks intriguing but also far too bleak for me, certainly right now, and possibly ever. The costumes do look great though on Natalie Dormer’s characters.

  5. I saw the first episode and will watch the rest, but admittedly I’m mostly there to see Dormer pull off a variety of roles as the demon. It’s amazing how just a different hairstyle and outfit can either make you gorgeous or make even a super hottie like her look… dumpy. o.O suddenly is worried about the clothes in her closet

  6. The show is not too much for me and is free with our cable package, so we are watching it regularly. I love it, but then “Red Harvest” is my favorite Dashiell Hammett book. The clothing gets even better — a dance with many zoot suits, men’s suiting in gangster stripes, a young charismatic radio female evangelist with a “hide myself” wardrobe. The multiple ethnicities and classes in the show are reflected in every piece. Plus Brent Spinner in a uniform!

  7. Penny Dreadful is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and it will be hard to not compare this. Also like most of you, I’m not in the mood for dark material right now, but will definitely check it out eventually. The late Victorian era is much more appealing to me than 30s LA and I will really miss Eva Greene, but it will be interesting to see what they do with Latino/Mexican mythology.
    I hate the storyline in PD where a white guy coopted Native American myth so I hope they don’t do that here. A little concerned about ‘Rio’- I know Dormer’s character is a shapeshifter but it looks like she’s using darker makeup to look Hispanic, and I think in that case another actress would be more appropriate. I’m not really a fan of the demon dress- it definitely looks too much like a Star Wars Sith get up to fit either 30s or 40s fashion, though the coat is very nice. I know she’s a demon, but I feel like something creepy and period appropriate would have been very easy. I’m not an expert on fabrics of that period, but the ‘liquid’ aspect makes it look like goth clubwear material. I’m not really a fan of “black=evil” in costuming because it’s not terribly creative (you’d think a demon would come up with something more interesting), but that’s not a huge drawback.
    The librarian character looks really interesting!

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