3 thoughts on “Patreon Post Unlocked: Mary, Queen of Scots (1971)

  1. The costumes look 1580s to my eyes! They were over the top in that decade with huge puffy sleeves, farthingales and ruffs!

  2. I am an artist, musician and writer, so I love looking at the stills of your movies for inspiration. Next time you do a “man candy” page, can you do Anthony Calf? (Great Expectations 1989, Lorna Doone 2000, Pride and Prejudice 1995, Anna 1997, Man Who Knew Infiniti, Madness of King George, etc.)

  3. I’m not going to lie, that image of Dames Glenda and Vanessa is absolutely delightful (You can almost HEAR Dame Vanessa whispering “It’s my character’s name on the poster, Glen” over Dame Glenda’s radiant “It’s my movie, you’re just in it!” energy).

    Also, having finally read the full article, I can only apologise for my ignorance of ELIZABETU R actually preceding MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS – my mistake, my apologies to all relevant parties.

    Also, I still think we’re about due a Black Comedy take on Mary, Queen of Scots (As a change of pace from all this Swooning Romantic Tragedy).

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