12 thoughts on “MCM: Regé-Jean Page

  1. the noise you heard when Bridgerton premiered was the nation’s (world’s?) panties dropping over Regé-Jean Page.
    It was the world,I can confirm.The loose cravats are to compensate for the folks feeling hot under their collars.

    1. Now that you bring up the topic of shirts and stuff, Mr. Page does wear them with–distinction.

  2. So far, Bridgerton is my favourite role Rege-Jean Page has been in. I have been in lust since his entry at Lady Danbury’s London house. And I definitely want more.

  3. For me this this actor looks like a mixed-race version of Aidan Turner. Both actors could be brothers.

  4. I am old enough to be this gentlemans’ grandmother, but have binge-watched Bridgerton 4 times, and salivate at every scene that he enters! He reminds me of another “pretty” man from my generation – Elvis. Some men are so beautiful that they should have been women! And I think a larger cravat would have been a distraction from that gorgeous face.

  5. Oooooh! I didn’t realize that was him playing Chicken George in the new reiteration of Roots!

    That spoon gif, to quote Garth from that 90s classic Wayne’s World: “Makes me feel kinda funny…”

  6. He is absolutely dreamy, gorgeous, sexy, yummy… There are numerous adjectives and they’re all inadequate, so I’m gonna stop typing now and concentrate some more on that spoon gif…

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