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    1. Suchet all the way! Thanks for the list. Branagh’s intrepretation is too “super hero” for my taste.

  1. Well now I need to rewatch Spice World, because I have no memory of Hugh Laurie as Poirot in that movie.

  2. Suchet and Finney all the way. Ustinov was my first Poirot, but I have great affection for him.

  3. Suchet for the win, and forever. And not just Suchet himself – every character is dressed to period perfection, and the interiors! His Death on the Nile is one of my comfort shows.

  4. I love the Ustinov “Death on the Nile” and “Evil Under the Sun”. (The other Ustinov films aren’t as good) They are two of my fave movies in any genre. They have great casts, clever scripts and the costumes are the best!
    The Finney “Murder on the Orient Express” is hard to beat in those categories too.
    I don’t like Branagh’s very much. I dunno… he annoys me in just about all his films. Finney’s is hard to beat.
    The Suchet TV episodes are so good too.

  5. David Suchet, for me, is the iconic Hercule Poirot, as much as Jeremy Brett is the definitive Sherlock Holmes.

      1. Seconded! I grew up watching these (thanks, Mystery!) and when I read the books in my mind’s ear it’s David Suchet.

  6. I’ve never seen the other Poirot films, but I loved the costumes in Murder on the Orient Express.

  7. I could not get into the newest adaptation of The ABC Murders, even with Malkovich. I tapped out after 2 episodes. Suchet will always be Poirot for me.

  8. The ABC Murders with Malkovich was good, but it wasn’t Poirot. Suchet is the definitive Poirot.

  9. Gotta be Suchet. But I also liked Ustinov in his Orient Express, and appreciated the Branagh one as well. But Suchet is un-toppable.

    1. Finally, an article on the internet that is well written & erudite! Thank you for that! David Suchet is the penultimate Poirot. Second choices are Ustinov & Finney in my book.

    2. I have read all the Poirot’s novels. David Suchet is the Poirot! No one else comes any closer

  10. Another delegate heard from for Suchet! Superb costumes and hairdos (chiefly Miss Lemon’s less than flattering 1930s kiss-curls), as well as distractingly wonderful interiors!

  11. Suchet. Absolutely. Although Peter Ustinov was my first love; from a small child I loved his ability to do accents. I found the Albert Finney interpretation a little difficult because he looked like he had a crick in his neck. Always though, I watch Agatha Christie adaptations because of the great care so often taken with costumes and sets.

  12. While Suchet looks the part, I’ve never much cared for his portrayal. Ustinov and Finney are my favorites

  13. David Suchet is THE Poirot, forever. I have read all the novels like 100 times and his characterization is perfect, not to mention the series is highly enjoyable. The tone & atmosphere are so right, the sets and costumes are beautiful, the music is memorable, and all the actors deliver great performances. There is a touch of humour, but never a parody.

    I did enjoy other adaptations like The Orient Express (1974) and Death on the Nile (1978), but not the detective’s character. Say, Albert Finney’s portrayal is just wrong. Poirot never yells at people or has hysterical fits. He is very calm and gentle and treats every kitchen maid like a fine lady, with care and respect. I must mention that poor actors often have to carry the blame, while it is actually a film director who is responsible for characterization.

    1. Poirot can be excitable, and he’s sometimes short with Hastings but you’re right, he not a shouter or a bully and he invariably polite to women, even ones he disapproves of or suspects and invariably gentle and supportive of real distress.

  14. Still Ustinov for me. Just couldn’t really latch onto Suchet. I think a lot of it has to do with how much I love a lot of Ustinov’s other work. Branagh’s version was a little too theatrical for me.

  15. Possibly Albert Finney. None of them quite get the Poirot that I get from the books, and I’m always distracted by the bald ones because of [spoiler for a book where Poirot’s having a full head of hair is an important plot point].

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