9 thoughts on “MCM: Gerard Butler

  1. Only ones I’ve seen are Mrs Brown as I’m a Huuuuuge Dame Judi fan and Phantom. Loved first. Only decent thing about second, and I adored Michael Crawford in the stage version, maybe was Christine’s pink ball gown. I

  2. I tried to watch Mrs. Brown but gave up after about 30 minutes, the next movie I watched was Attila – and I admit I only watched it to see him in the tub – lol – I watched Phantom and let’s just say that I can’t ever watch it again – lol -= I did watch 300 – which I thought would have been a good film if it had been made by a different director with a better script and less of the cheesy cartoonish hangups – and so far I’ve managed to miss Gods of Egypt but I might watch it just for the good looking guys. I have to admit that i’m curious he can still get an acting job after all of the cheesy movies he’s been in

  3. Beowulf & Grendel isn’t too bad if you don’t mind anachronisms and the ran out of budget and time effect on indie films. It has some great moments and then a lot of face palm ones. And you know that’s a young Fassbender in that gang of Spartan abs, right? And then there’s Timeline(2003) where a oh so Scottish Gerry is trying to flirt with a French noble during the 100years war.

  4. ok, I am a professionally trained opera singer and Phantom makes me cringe, but it is worth the watch to see the ending. Gerry makes me cry. I also love him in Reign of Fire with other gorgeous men, Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey.

  5. “a raft of other lickable chests”

    Um, where do you get these units of measure?!
    …and please bring me 2 rafts worth, post-haste!

  6. I have said many times before that he is the lumberjack of my dreams with beard and accent. Also, I know it’s not historical but he was amazing in Coriolanus.

  7. ‘Atilla’ was a guilty pleasure before I developed discernment- ‘Phantom of the Opera’ & ‘300’ were the guilty pleasures after I developed taste. I really wish for once in my life I hadn’t been such a nerd as to look at the history behind ‘300’… Queen Gorgo’s Leonidas’ half-niece – I cannot un-know that…

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