21 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Mandy Patinkin

  1. Mandy is marvelous … I saw him in concert once and he was charming. Looks good, good actor, great singer. We have a disc of The Man of La Mancha with Placido singing Quixote and Mandy as Pancho. Also, Mandy’s disc of Yiddish songs is great.

  2. He had me as Che in Evita, then I wanted to help him find the three fingers man in Princess Bride, and I wanted to be his muse in Sunday in the Park With Georges…
    Mr Pantinkin is an amazing actor – Chicago Hope & Criminal Minds & Homeland b are recent roles. He is a beautiful person, too.

  3. Wish you had a screencap of Mandy in Alien Nation. Even with the “potato head,” as he called it, he rocked. And James Caan had trouble keeping a straight face playing opposite him.

  4. Ragtime! Set in New York the early 1900s (with Elizabeth McGovern as Evelyn Nesbit if memory serves)

  5. I am such a sucker for a man with a beautiful singing voice. And Mandy Patinkin does it to me every time. Have you ever heard the original cast recording of “The Secret Garden”? Reduces me to sobbing, every time. Also, he’s real purty to look at.

  6. Holy Hannah! He can sing! (Ok, I knew he could sing, just never actually heard it)…. Wow! *Is actually jaw-on-floor speechless*

  7. So hot. Oh my god, so hot. One of my first crushes, after I saw The Princess Bride in the theater.

  8. Only thing missing was pics from Princess Bride showing off his thighs – while THRUSTING during the sword fight, perhaps. He had good thighs.

  9. ANDv he collects toy trains! (My son will kill me if he ever sees this post) -ahem, model railroadiana

  10. i was maybe 6 or 7 and saw him play Che on Broadway in Evita….i died. My little girl heart died. And i have been in love with him ever since. Even old man Mandy is attractive.

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