24 thoughts on “Historical Costume Movie/TV Trailers: Will This Ever End Edition

  1. Videos for the Six Minutes to Midnight and Atlantic Crossing are unavailable. One was removed by the uploader, the other isn’t available in Canada :/

    1. I found the Atlantic Crossing trailer on the PBS website, but I don’t know if that’s available in Canada. It looks good, with Norwegians playing Norwegians and Americans playing Americans. I lived in Norway as an exchange student and I get the squeeeee!s when I hear the language on film. (On the other hand I don’t enjoy listening to Danish at all so I’ll skip The Pact.)

  2. I think that Nightingale trailer might be the wrong one. It doesn’t look like it’s set in the 1940’s.

  3. The Nightingale trailer is not for the WWII book The Nightingale. The story the trailer depicts is set in Tasmania in 1825.

  4. OMG Kenneth Branagh, stop. Just stop.

    (Does anyone else see the irony in using “Never Again” in the trailer soundtrack? I wish he had listened to that after his remake of Orient Express. Hopefully he will listen to it now and never. do. this. again.)

  5. The World To Come looks to have adopted the common idiocy of unbound hair and idle women.

    Hog killing day and the women are lounging around? They’d be slaving along with everyone else dark-to-dark.

  6. Curmudgeon here. I’m getting very weary of all these Victorian/Edwardian – set sci-fi, superhero, and appropriated character (like the Holmes) schlock movies. Won’t touch -em with a 10 foot pole.

  7. I’m extremely excited for Respect! Jennifer Hudson is a perfect choice for that role IMO.

    The Leonardo tv series on the other hand looks terrible. Which is a huge pity, because we really need a good movie or series about Leonardo da Vinci, but it’s like they looked at the life of this brilliant man, who led a fascinating life and was accomplished in so many different areas, and for some bizarre reason decided the actual facts of his life aren’t interesting enough and concocted some story about him being accused of murder and black magic which has absolutely no basis in history.

    1. I remember the BBC screening a very good Italian series based on Leonardo’s life back in the 70s.

    2. If they want to go with something he WAS charged with and found guilty of, why not go with SODOMY, since that, you know, happened?

      1. @Prebby I was thinking exactly that too! That’s a true and important story to tell, and also an aspect of his life that’s been often been ignored in the past because of homophobia. This would be a great opportunity to remedy that.

        (The extended trailer shows that they are at least showing he was into men, so it’s possible they will get into the sodomy arrest? I hope so, anyway. But I would have more faith in how they’ll handle it if they seemed to be sticking closer to the actual history.)

  8. seems like a lot of supernatural and/or crime elements. not sure that’s for me. Six Minutes to Midnight though intrigues me.

  9. Waitaminnit, I’ve seen Six Minutes to Midnight! It was very good, but not terribly exciting in the costume department. School uniforms and such. I do loves me some Eddie Izzard.

  10. I’m feeling a bit over bleak period dramas about gay people. It’s like studios have decided they can make LGBT movies as long as they’re historical, so then it can still be depressing. I want happy gay content, darn it!

  11. Out of all these, I’m only excited about The King’s Man. I’m interested in Atlantic Crossing, The Irregulars, Six Minutes to Midnight, and The Nevers. I’m wary of Leonardo. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinating, and I would love to see justice done to his life’s story on the big or small screen.

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