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    1. But there have been a lot of Victorian whores on-screen; it’s a pretty typical story. Of Victorian shows on right now / recently, Ripper Street has a long-running prostitute storyline. There’s even Westworld, which is a fantasy of Old West 1880s-ish (robot) prostitutes, from what I can tell.

      1. Oh no. :( Hopefully it will be done as well, and interspersed with classical too, as Marie Antoinette was. I was surprised how little MA bothered me that way.

        1. Yeah, I loved it in Marie Antoinette, but in so many TV shows, a modern soundtrack drives me nuts. I don’t know if that’s bec. MA had music I love in general *and* MA was a gorgeous, mostly historical-looking film otherwise, & most of the TV shows that use modern music have sucky, non-period costumes & stories (Copper is one that comes to mind — I watched literally 10 minutes of it & turned off bec. of the terrible soundtrack & the bad costumes; I enjoyed the mix of modern music & period setting a little more in Peaky Blinders bec. it was very purposefully done, but then, it did get tiresome & OVER-done at times).

  1. Sounds fun. Wonder if they will explain the difference between a Harlot and Courtesan? Or if will have one ‘house’ be less intelligent? Or will it be soap opera-ish. Also note to self. Download Hulu.

    Also can’t wait for this Sunday 15th as Victoria starts. Team Victoria: choose your best method of disposing of Sir John Conroy. Xover methods are okay. (Ex Drogon earring him GoT meets Victoria)

  2. I was looking forward to this since I’d heard about it, but it appears the creators have used an historian’s work without working with her or giving credit or anything. And that really upsets me. :/ :( I’m conflicted because I’m still really interested.


    1. Interesting! And certainly not the first time an idea has been cribbed or poached. But it’s not like you can copyright history either. The source material, Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies has been in the public domain for ages (check Google Books), & in interviews, the producers do sound like they’ve done a bit of research — like getting a wide variety of historical synonyms for sex acts ‘to get around modern censors.’ At worst, maybe they read her book, got inspired, & went with it on their own? They’re writing fiction, she wrote non-fiction. We’ll see on-screen :)

      1. Since she’s the only one that’s written about Harris’s List and has written two books on it, it does make me pause. If they read the book/s I hope they’d at least credit somehow. But I do agree that there’s a difference with fiction and non-fiction, so yes, we’ll see. :)

  3. It always amuses me when Hogarth is mentioned, as my place of work holds one of, I beleive, two complete collections of his work & we just think of it as the place were we eat lunch 4 days a week & grab a drink with friends coming to see a show.
    Our costume designer has used it as inspiration & one of these days, I’ll look at them more closely, but it feels a bit like examining the wall paper!

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