19 thoughts on “Gentleman Jack Recap, Part 2

  1. Why is Marian such a pill? Prevailing theories include 1)needs to get laid: 2)jealousy : 3)Anne won’t let her have a pet 4)Combo of 1 & 2.

    Wish Anne would carry a ‘pointy end’ item when she’s meeting the evil coal brothers.

    Can you do a WCW for Johdi May, if you haven’t?

    Am planning on watching this this evening.

    1. Oh & re: Marian – there’s a hint in the ‘scenes from’ ep 3 where Marian yells at Anne something about ‘I’ll have a son who’ll inherit all this’ so yeah, maybe jealousy & needing to get laid! Tho history shows that she didn’t inherit (Anne left everything to some distant cousins plus a life interest to Ann Walker) & I can’t find anything about Marian so maybe she died young? Must not have married or there’d be a record of it.

      1. Big yes to a WCW about Jodhi May!

        Also, about Marian – I found this statement about her on the Twitter page of Shibden Hall:

        „Anne Lister’s younger sister Marian was born #onthisday (12th of Oct.) in 1798. She lived at Shibden with Anne and their father Jeremy and Aunt Anne. She died in 1882. Marian is played by
        in the forthcoming #GentlemanJack TV series. #OTD“
        But no word about her being married.

  2. I am so shook by these costumes. Dey so pretty. Love that wedding gown. Love that fuck-you-very-much hat. Love that all the ladies are wearing pelerines and chemisettes and buckles and shit.

  3. After seeing episode 2, I want both Miss Lister’s wedding scene hat and the wedding dress. These costumes are so gorgeous, Gentleman Jack is fast becoming my favourite frock flick set in the 1830s. I enjoyed Anne reacting with the boy who lost his legs. She may not want children, but she’s good with them. And I thought the fortunate biggins so appropriate for the three little girls. Like you mentioned, class apropriate.

    I like the good influence Anne is on Miss Walker, she’s becoming more independent, confident and stands up for her views and friends. Can’t wait for the Lake District.

      1. I absolutely agree. And somehow maybe because it didn’t talk down to the child elucidated a response from him.

        BTW thanks to the May WCW comment above.

  4. I adore the attention to detail that have been put into the costuming for this production. My only tiny quibble is that Miss Vere’s wedding gown appears to be white. Pre-1840 a virgin blue gown or even black would have been considered highly fashionable.

    1. Yeah, white wedding gowns are not “tradition” yet, but it did happen. White was still a very fashionable evening or formal gown, so this could be used as her best dress for the season as a newly married woman.

  5. Or being presented at Court to Queen Adelaide and King William.

  6. The concept of a wedding dress as a spectacular and expensive costume that could never be worn again except as a wedding gown had yet to be invented in the 1830s. Up to the turn of the century brides were still being married in something they could wear for best after the wedding even as the trend towards today’s ridiculously expensive and otherwise useless gowns co-existed.

  7. I don’t mind Marian’s bad temper, mostly because I love Gemma Whelan from the show ‘Upstart Crow’ (available on Britbox and, more cost-effectively) dailymotion).

  8. I could’ve sworn that the scene with Anne Lister in bed with the blonde woman was her imagining doing so with Ann Walker – but it makes more sense that it was a flashback!

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