18 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All May

  1. I’d like to bitch about corset tightening scenes in general and specifically in Georgian/Regency adaptations. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH.

  2. I guess this is more for the blog posts themselves, May I ask if anyone else when reading the blog.

    You cannot see any pictures in the posts except that you know that little picture paper icon?

    For me it has been happening since the Renegade Nell post.

    I am just checking to make sure if it is not due to errors on my devices or connection.

      1. For browser it is google chrome for all devices.

        As for devices it is an Android phone and a Dell laptop

        1. We’re using Chrome on Mac & Safari on iOS but not seeing a problem with images loading. If it keeps happening, take screencaps & email us thru our Contact Us page or message us thru Facebook. We’ll see if our webhost IT has any idea.

  3. On several sites on Google News:

    Archaeologists working in a site in Carlisle, England that was a former Roman bathhouse uncovered last year a “mysterious lump” of a purplish substance.

    Researchers have now determined that lump is a chunk of pure “Tyrian Purple”– possibly the only unused sample of the pigment discovered.

  4. Has anyone seen the Lee teaser starring Kate Winslet? I reserve full judgement until the full trailer is released! I’m excited nonetheless!

  5. Not crazy about the preview photos for Jeanne du Barry. I’m wondering if what would be normal embellishment on 18th century court clothes were kept to a minimum because of budget or because they wanted Versailles to shine or for some other reason. Looking at one man in a plain light blue suit in the Hall of Mirrors – he looks like an Englishman or North American with zero embroidery on his frock coat. I know this is Louis XV, but one of the big points of not only forcing the court to move to Versailles and establishing sumptuary laws for said courtiers was that Louis XIV expected everyone around him to be dressed in the most extravagant manner possible. I’m one of those terrible people who studied theatrical costuming and fashion history, plus I got to work on stage shows like Amadeus, so it bothers me (a LOT!) when costume designers don’t get it right. It takes me out of the story, because my OCD brain is zeroing in on all the details that are wrong on the screen. /rant over

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