31 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All February

  1. Snark Week killed me, and then brought me back to life. Thank you, sincerely, for the work you do. (Yes, I know, Patreon…)

  2. I found it delightful; I like snark. And our cat is getting ready to die, so I need snark more than ever. The memes made me laugh out loud, the best of all tonics.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Frock Flickers. And damn all people who adopt cute little kittens, but can’t be bothered to feed and care for them adequately (if at all).

    2. Oh, I know what that’s like! Make him as comfortable as possible and remember what a good life he’s had!

  3. Has anyone else been watching the recent Marie Antoinette series? I have to say that I’m horrified by the huge historical inaccuracies in plot and characterisations (I don’t want to give spoilers, but there are some truly heinous character interactions which wouldn’t have happened in a month of Sundays!), the anachronistic use of language and the costumes seem very hit or miss – Antoinette especially seems to often head, straight on, into pretty, pretty princess land in design and detail – and some truly bizarre interpretations of period hairstyles, all with barely a hint of powder. Also why are there only two ‘aunts’ – Louis XV’s daughters? What happened to the third? There also seems to be only twenty courtiers and servants in the whole of Versailles! No wonder French historians are having fits over it. lol.

    1. Yep, saw 2 episodes of the “new” Marie Antoinette…I personally couldn’t take more😔.

      1. I got to three and a half. I was so frustrated with the damn thing I found myself loudly swearing at the screen – which caused my hubby to come running up to my sewing room from his study. He thought I was being attacked by an intruder! lol

    2. “There also seems to be only twenty courtiers and servants in the whole of Versailles!” I notice this a lot in series, and assume that it’s a question of quality (sometimes…) over quantity where a project’s budget is concerned. But this does give viewers the impression that personal privacy was a fact of life, whereas I think lack of privacy, plus odors and epidemics, are what would have driven most of us mad.

  4. Thoughts on Don’t Worry Darling, anybody? Or thoughts on Florence Pugh in general! Loved your Snark about Blood, Sex, and Royalty! They really sexualized Mary Boleyn with that tight lacing scene, didn’t they, with her moaning!

  5. I LOVED Snark Week this year!!!! Usually, I go right along with the attitude of y’all watched that dreck so we didn’t have to. But this year…almost everything you reviewed seemed like it would be craptastic!! I actually want to watch a lot of those films. Disclaimer: I’m coming off a year-long work project and my brain is fried. I don’t need challenging material right now!

  6. Anyone else here watch Kindred? I read the book, but I’m hesitant to keep watching the series. Afraid of what could happen in the present. Pretty sure the past scenes are what I’d expect.

    1. Did anyone hear anything about the Longbourn miniseries? Should be an interesting mix of P&P/ Downton Abbey!

      1. Correction: Longbourn will be a film produced by Studio Canal l, with Sharon Maguire set to direct. She directed Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones’s Baby.

    2. Yes, a report on Kindred would be great. I hope it hasn’t been messed with or “explained” too much; the novel’s matter-of-factness was one of its (many) strengths.

  7. Chiming in to express my thanks for Snark Week. Aside from “thanks for watching these so I don’t have to”, I really loved all the images of actual period clothing.

  8. Been stoking my Jane Austen love by reading Joan Aiken’s “fan fic” novels about the Watsons, Jane Fairfax, and revisiting Mansfield Park. Helps to ward off the February doldrums (the January doldrums were warded off by Snark Week!)

  9. Just saw a trailer for Marlowe, with Liam Neeson. The costumes look pretty good, and he’s reunited with Jessica Lange and Diane Kruger playing mother and daughter. Extra points for Alan Cumming! :)

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