30 thoughts on “We Are Entertained Weekly by Outlander … Magazine Covers

  1. OMG now that I see it I can’t un-see it! She is four feet tall and they are floating. Her solo cover is worse…what the hell is this 18th century dame doing leaning on a stepladder in the jungle? Why is the stepladder in the jungle in the first place? Her cartoon foot is floating on the brick beneath her. Oh, the humanity.

    1. If I’m feeling generous, I could say I see where the photographer was going with the step ladder. It’s very Vogue-1950s-fashion-spread. And I can’t find the damn photo I’m thinking of, but it’s the one with all the classy models wearing giant ball gowns and one is on a ladder… Because I guess ladders = classy?

      Edit: This isn’t the one I was thinking of, but it’s similar in concept: http://yehyehgrace.tumblr.com/post/1023749714/dior-c1950s

      Edit 2: OMG there are SO MANY fashion spreads featuring ladders!

      1. I think I remember the one you’re writing about. I believe that it’s in the gorgeous Charles James retrospective book that the Met did.

      2. Sure, it’s a fashion spread thing, but it’s not an 18th-century gown thing. The cover with the two of them at least pretends to be in a ye olde-timey garden with a period bench. The one of her solo is just fucking ridiculous.

  2. I didn’t like the cover either, but I didn’t really analyze why. Jamie’s weird hand placement definitely caught my attention, and your “DIS MY BEAVER!!” comment had me grinning hugely. I think what bugs me about the cover is that there’s no depth to it. They look like a couple of overly dramatic high school drama students posing in front of a painted background. “Now…Claire, give me haughtily serene; Jamie, drop the chin and spread your legs and give me sultry.”

  3. It must have been a lot of work to make such an attractive woman look so…blah. Love the dress though. It’s her face that has had every sign of life erased.

  4. Jamie needs to stop channeling is inner Fabio, possibly find a comb somewhere… And also a friggin’ CRAVAT, dangit all!
    Will not adress the ridiculous hairdo (although, Maggie Tatcher cosplay? Good one! Will store for future use) , But… Court dress?
    Puleaaazez tell me they’re not going back to France! begs on knees

    No, really… the last time was very bad for my blood pressure.

          1. Marketing is such a crazy world (yes, I’ve worked in it, from the writing end, & the things I’ve been asked to do are just as silly as this exercise in photo manipulation).

  5. Nothing like posing for ridiculous magazine covers that are then Photoshopped to death to erase all the intelligence and sex appeal from two perfectly attractive and intelligent people, eh? Seriously, they seem to be smart, friendly, and funny enough IRL, and have plenty of onscreen chemistry, but you’d never know it here, more’s the pity.

    1. Now I can’t unsee! She has so much facial expression on the show and they airbrushed her face so much on the cover that her facial lines and shadows are nonexistent. It makes her look like a vapid tart instead of the strong intelligent woman she is.

      Can we put the cover through the stones so it can go back in the past for a re-do?

    2. And Cait is truly beautiful. Wonder if they Photoshopped all the beauty out when the did the life out. Can you botox a pic? Bc that’s what I think they did.

      Dress and Jamie’s clothes are nice and wish they’d use the cravat/stock.

  6. Omg yes, thank you so much for this. I hate the covers so much for all the reasons you mentioned and one you didn’t…the terrible pun front and center. I have literally been told that I’d make a good dad someday because of my jokes (I’m a woman…), and even I wouldn’t touch this one. You can’t see me right now, but I’m rolling my ayes (sorry, I had to!)

  7. The poses are what bothered me. I figured, since Cait used to model, she just naturally falls into standard poses. And the “inner Fabio” comment is spot on perfect.

  8. Entertainment Weekly posted a behind the scenes video on instagram and sadly, they look completely devoid of emotion in it as well. It’s so strange because they don’t look so blank and emotionless in other photos. Wonder if they were directed to look that way.

    Here’s the link to the video: https://instagram.com/p/BbU7eZolAT9/

  9. The hairstyle is terrible, the over-saturation looks like the gifs I made in middle school, and I find it hard to believe these are the absolute best shots they got considering Caitriona Balfe was an actual supermodel, so she must have given them something better to work with.

  10. Those covers are all kinds of terrible. Good thing there’s already a huge fan base, because I don’t think EW is going to attract new viewers.

    And I AM THERE FOR THE ANGRY LITTLE GIRL GIF. She is my spirit animal. (Also is that Aretha Franklin? I love the little half-smile on her face).

  11. Just a thought, Jamie looks like he was sitting sideways on a Harley which was airbrushed out with Claire on the back seat which was airbrushed out, too. Then a very small bench was airbrushed in. Snicker

  12. Jaime’s hand on the front of the dress looks like a mannequin hand — not even real. Kinda creepy, in fact.
    And for heaven’s sake, what did they do to Jamie’s glorious legs? Now he looks like one of the silly hipsters with their skinny pants. His legs are much more well-muscled than that! As they would have to be, to keep a Scotsman upright enough long enough to swing a broadsword.

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