13 thoughts on “Charting Downton Abbey Style: The Servants

  1. I definitely have. What I liked immensely was that the costumers put each of them including Mrs Patmore into clothes that showed their character and developing character.
    I believe that this is shown most clearly in Daisy and Anna. With Daisy you can believe that she bought fashionable clothes in her price range and she kept them clean and in good care. With Anna it shows a beautiful woman who was abused as a young girl by her stepfather and is trying not to be beautiful. Anna would be able to receive from Mary her older clothes bc she was her lady’s maid.

  2. Morrissey – HA! And I loved how detailed they managed to make all the black uniform dresses. Those differently angled stripes & buttons on Mrs. Hughes — dude, I want that as a day dress!

    1. It was hard to not put every one of Mrs. Hughes’ black dresses in one article — they kind of look the same, but they don’t! Teeny little details make them unique & so cool, esp. the first couple seasons. Also, I need a chatelaine now like whoa.

  3. Wonderful post. Can you do one on the “day” clothes. And also the shoes. Love the shoes

  4. I loved Anna’s pleated and buttoned linen coat that she wore to the flower show in Season One!

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