25 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Costume Recap: Season 6, Episode 9

  1. Love Mary’s Fortuny. It’s about time Edith had a beautiful wedding dress. Loved Mary stepping back and letting Edith shine. Daisy is HOT with fringe. Asked New hairstyle shows how big her eyes are.

    More later.

  2. Mary’s last dress was assuit. (Confirmed by a dealer friend who has sold me assuit pieces in the past and knows my minor obsession.) There was much squealing over it last night (my poor husband was trying to WATCH THE SHOW while I did clothing play-by-play – he’s a patient man), and on looking at your screen grabs, the “Random Extra Lady” at the engagement dinner may be as well.

      1. Another reason to visit magnificent Alnwick castle: the village hotel is lavishly decorated with salvaged paneling and stained windows from the grand stairs and first class lounge on the RMS Olympic! (Titanic’s twin-sister.) How cool is that?

  3. ROFL, it wasn’t MARY trying to steal any thunder, it was “Oh right I’m married to you now” Henry who apparently thought when Mary said “AFTER the wedding”, she meant “When Edith’s walking down the aisle is close enough.” I mean, I get it, dude, you are basically totally forgotten (I can see it, Henry and Editor Chick eventually run off together so Tom and Mary can be with their first loves, Cars and Downton) but what part of NOT TODAY wasn’t clear? He just felt shoved in through the whole episode.

    Meanwhile I also liked Mary’s reaction to Anna’s going into labor–Anna’s “But we’re in your room! It’s kind of funny you helping ME undress.” Mary: “BIG PICTURE TIME HERE.”

    And I was definitely not midroad on Edith’s wedding dress, maybe it’s just my lace addiction but I thought she got the best one of the show. Okay, or a tie with Rose’s long formal one. Both neatly dodged the teens-and-twenties frumpy bedsheet look (I loathe my great-grandmother’s wedding picture from 1916 and agreed with the Royal Weddings show on ovation about how the Queen Mother’s dress was both very fashionable for the time and hideously frumpy.) Mary hadn’t gone full pudding (hard when you’re rapier-thin but her dress was just kind of…here’s a white rectangle), but hers was very dull and Edith’s wedding-that-wasn’t was pretty, ish, I guess. She got the best headpiece, too.

  4. Downton ended here in the UK at Christmas, and I’ve been waiting for it to air in America just so I could read your recap! Great job covering a really long episode, and yes, I agree that the hats this episode had some pretty fab ribbons and details!

  5. Was it just me or did the whole Daisy hair cut thing remind you of the story, “Bernice Bobs Her Hair.” I loved Edith’s wedding gown, it reminds me of the one my great-grandmother wore for her second wedding. I was kind of hoping that the Dowager Countess would have pulled a knot in Mary’s tail about what happened with Edith and Bertie but that was just me.

  6. Re Lady Violet calling Mary to the carpet Re Edith and Bertie, Tom made her feel small and she was at the time believing she would have to give up Henry bcoz his racing. Besides remember that it was Edith who exposed Mary’s indiscretion with Mr Pamuk. Both were in the wrong, but Edith wasn’t yelled at by family members.

    Another point I loved wardrobe-wise was how Lady Rose’s clothes were more mature, gorgy still, but Ms Robbins took into consideration her marriage and birth of Victoria Rachel Cora Aldridge. Rose also seems to be a Fortuny lover. The teal silk velvet coat she wore upon arrival screams Fortuny. *love*

    1. I really liked how Rose’s wardrobe seemed all grown up! You’ll definitely notice this in our last article on ‘charting Downton style’ – Rose began as quite the wild young thang :)

  7. What was with all the hats at the reception (on the ladies)? Was it a period thing? A wedding reception thing? It looked so odd to me, coats off, hats on… I was hoping you would make sense of it.

      1. I’m quite certain that in daytime dress, a lady’s hat was not something taken off when she went indoors for a visit. So for instance when a lady came to call, she kept her hat on although she took off her coat. And if a lady dined in an hotel or a restaurant during the day (say teatime or luncheon) the hat remained on. I’m not sure when that changed, but not by the 1920s certainly. The hat after all is not for warmth – it is for fashion.


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