5 thoughts on “Couture Dresses We Will Be Seeing on Reign Soon

  1. Nah, if they put her in black mourning for Francis, there’s no way she’ll go to her execution in a red dress. Too close to actual historical facts!

  2. I absolute adore this show (and your blog) and I agree with you. You picked great gowns totally in sync with the show. My favorite oh-so-wrong but oh-so-good REIGN!

    1. PS. Some people think that historical fiction and History is actually the same? Dee’s comment is funny though. LOL. I know lots of people that secretly love the show. Hahahaha!

  3. I usually watch the show with my encyclopedia and a notebook. I right down a name/event and fact check, somethings are right some wrong. Still love the show either way. I love historical fiction, speaking of which has anyone read Unknown to History: The Capitivity of Mary Queen of Scots? I can not remember the author’s name you can find it on ibooks (for free) such a good historical fiction. Only found it because I was suffering from “Reign withdrawals”. ♡

  4. I know I’m a year late but I really needed to laugh today. Frock Flicks is my happy place.

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