17 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Reign’s Wedding Dress and Historical Accuracy

  1. OMG you have mad research skilz! I’m so going to copy this dress for my renaissance theme wedding!

  2. I’m just can’t with that pulled up hemline. Nothing has ever screamed “this is rented and we can’t cut anything off of it” more.

  3. Brilliant work, Kendra. Thank you for the extremely useful information. Next time I make a costume for my Scottish group I will know where to look for the research!

  4. Based on your amazing research I know this will be the prefect dress for me to painstakingly recreate out of casa collection satin and staples/tape for the historically accurate medieval, burner, wicker, wiccan, forest fairy hand-fasting ceremony I’ll be having.

    Thank you Frock Flicks!

  5. I realize your website and blogs are spoofs, but calling your readers bitches is insulting. I do love Reign – even though as you say, it is totally and completely inaccurate from costumes to characters. I have fallen for Bash – even if he never existed! Mary is gorgeous and plays the part well – most likely portraying some of the real personal traits of the real Mary. To be a real “royal” must have been terribly stressful, never knowing who your friends and allies were or when your death sentence might be proclaimed.

    1. Oh get over yourself alana..I take great pride in being a bitch and appreciate accuracy in historical apparel..I am doing as close of a representation as I can to both elizabeth 1 gown and Mary of scots execution apparel since that is what myself Nd mom are going to be for halloween this year..

  6. OMG! I just realised I have a wardrobe full of authentic Tudor frocks! They all have fabric, sleeves and, well, stuff. However did I do it! lolz. Thank you for a good belly laugh!

  7. Beg to differ about Des Moines, Iowa…as a part of the former New France, we know better. We also know our fashion/costume history here. Find another place worthy of such nonsense for the comment, please. We are not amused, although we agree, REIGN is dreadful.

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