6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Creation of Anne Boleyn

  1. I love this book and found her take on Philippa Gregory and TOBG to be particularly satisfying. I’ll admit I didn’t stick with the Tudors long enough to see how Natalie Dormer portrayed Anne in season 2 and have been meaning to check it out.

  2. The Gregory rant was REALLY satisfying, wasn’t it? I’m watching The Tudors right now and will report back on Anne Boleyn!

    1. I really actually like the Tudors version of Anne. She is multifaceted in a way that most other portrayals aren’t. Anne can be crafty but also vulnerable. She can also be fun and flirty but serious and religious. There are also a lot of great scenes with her and the men in her life like her father and uncle who push her to into many compromising situations. Season two is definitely worth watching!

  3. Thanks so much for this excellent review! I’m no Tudor expert, my realm is that other notorious beheaded queen, Marie Antoinette, and a handful of the later Louis’ (XIV, XV, XVI), so in watching Wolf Hall I’ve been really curious about the portrayal of Anne Boleyn versus what she was really like. It seems like the last few Anne’s we’ve had have been scheming and manipulative bitches, and I’ve been having my doubts about the truth of that. Although I guess with a lack of primary documentation we won’t ever really know for sure.

    I will definitely be getting this book!

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