8 thoughts on “A Royal Scandal

  1. I watched this years ago on Masterpiece Theatre. I thought Richard E. Grant was miscast as the Prince of Wales (George IV) and I didn’t think much of Susan Lynch either. However, I did like the fact that someone had done a film about their disastrous marriage. I think this came out around the time The Madness of King George was in theatres. Would love someone to remake this. I mean if we can have multiple films/series about Queen Victoria!

  2. I’m going to look this up on Amazon. I vaguely remember it from Masterpiece Theatre.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning this film, never heard of it before. The story is so interesting and fascinating as is the fashion period (too bad that there aren’t more early regency/late 18th century films out there). Will definatley give it a try

  4. I remember Jane Austen writing in a letter that she supported Princess Caroline because she was a woman and ‘because I hate her husband’.

  5. I would rather see more films about this era, this horrible marriage, and Princess Charlotte. I’m burned out on Tudor Era films and I wish the media would stop now.

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