15 thoughts on “Yet 5 Different Top Dance Scenes

  1. Personally I’m a big fan of the tap number in White Nights. Also the Masquerade number in Phantom of the Opera and any dance number ever done by Debra Paget 😀

  2. I was a huge fan of the Waiter’s Gallop as a kid. My youngest sister took pity on me one day about a month ago when Hello Dolly was on Hulu (no longer there, I think), and let me watch it. It didn’t hold up. My favorite dance number is Moses Supposes.

  3. You have some of my favorites listed above. I would also add “Cool, Considerate Men” from 1776 (1972); the barn raising dance from “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers” (1954); “Shall We Dance” from The King and I (1956); and “From This Moment On” from Kiss Me Kate (1953).

  4. What about Singing in the Rain scene in movie with same name, An American in Paris ballet montage, and Waltz with Eva and Che from Evita. Also the ones you mentioned. And last but not least the Drwam ballet from Oklahoma!.

  5. Every moment of “Singin’ in the Rain” is sublime or close to it. And I would NEVER hate on Barbra Streisand. I adore her–she showed me, a gawky teenage girl with a big nose, that humor and style and talent are beauty. A favorite star-is-born moment (along with Angela Bassett as Tina):

    Now there was a movie with really bad anachronistic hair and make-up.

  6. Fred and Ginger are my movie dancing idols. From their first big number The Continental, to the last in The Berkleys of Broadway, it’s all magic. I love Let’s Face The Music and Dance, and Pick Yourself Up and… oh, I could do six just from the few movies they made!

  7. I don’t suppose Footlight Parade counts as a historical costume movie? The Busby Berkeley water number is EPIC.

  8. Oh, so many from Funny Girl! Especially- ‘Roller-Skate Rag/Blue Over You’ and ‘His love made me Beautiful’… hilarious! Also ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit/Entertain Us’ from Moulin Rouge!!!

    1. I grew up with a father who loved and still loves Barbra, so I’ve seen just about every single film she’s ever made. And for some reason, totally forgot about “Blue Over You” in Funny Girl.

  9. all great choices. :-) I need to rewatch Meet Me in St Louis; it was a childhood favorite. :-) I also love White Nights for great dance scenes. It’s a dance movie with a Cold War/espionage-ish gloss to it and I’m here for it, although it’s not a frock flick.

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