17 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Glenn Close

    1. Close is actually classically—operatically—trained. She did an episode of Tracey Ullman’s show in which she actually sang “Un bel di.” The woman’s got true vocal chops!

  1. For Close, no….but your coverage of her in Dangerous Liasions made me think of the originator of that role: Lindsay Duncan.
    Duncan’s done a lot of amazing work over the years (a lot in theatre, but not all), and some film and TV work are historically costumed. (I got to see her on stage in Private Lives with the late Alan Rickman, who she also premiered Les Liaisons Dangereuses–he was Valmont. She was dazzling.)

    I searched and haven’t found her on your website. Would you consider a Lindsay Duncan spotlight?

  2. Favourite Glenn Close costume role has to be Dangerous Liaisons. Herb Marquise de Merteuil is so layered, so we’ll thought out, I found myself rooting for her. James Acheson’s clothes are amazing and they made me love 18th century dress again.
    The next possibly is Hamlet. Her Gertrude really brought the fact how old these royal brides were upon their first marriage. Children.

  3. Dangerous Liasons is such a tremendous film, and so gorgeous to watch. Close was wonderful in it — but she always is.

    On the modern end, I really loved her turn as Patty Hurst in DAMAGES. Such a dangerous, complicated character…

    1. I *love* Fatal Attraction – that & Dangerous Liaisons came out in back to back years, & I saw them both in the theaters. The characters Close played in each one seemed complimentary in a weird way.

        1. The film was Maxie (1985). I vaguely remember the film, but I certainly did not remember that the ghost was Glenn Close1

  4. “Sarah, Plain and Tall” was my first taste of this fine actor. (I’m sure you’d find the costumes bland, which kinda goes with the type of movie it is.) She is so charming; my life goal is to get a cat that travels everywhere with me. What’s more, she is opposite Christopher Walken, who is the least Walken he’s ever been on screen.

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