8 thoughts on “WCW: Ruth Negga

  1. She was brilliant in Loving. It maybe slow, but it’s a beautiful love story.
    I just added Passing to my Netflix queue!

  2. She’s such a good and subtle actress, and so good in period pieces–hard to think of a living actress with a more 20s face

    1. It’s funny but I remember thinking that exact same things the first time I saw her! I guess she has the sort of looks that the 1920s admired. She has naturally rosebud lips. Looking forward to Nell – more 17th century is always welcome!

  3. Did R.N. ever play Josephine Baker, as she was supposedly going to, and if so, was it released? She’s the only actress I can imagine as Josephine; she’s got the right period look, the charm, the humor.

  4. I’ve seen her work in contemporary pieces, not in Frock Flicks. She is SO beautiful and very talented. I can actually attest to her beauty as I have seen in her person as just a regular person around town. I think she must’ve been filming something near me. Anyway, it’s not all makeup and lights, she’s actually beautiful. Loving and Passing have been on my To Watch List for a while. I had no idea about The Nativity, but now I feel like I have to see it for the pairing of her and the actor who plays Leonard (I don’t know his real name) in Grantchester!! And Shirley certainly looks like the most exciting of these Frock Flick projects. GREAT WCW choice!!!

  5. What a great actress! She was the best thing about Ad Astra, with Brad Pitt. Terrible movie, but I would have loved to see her character have more screen time. :)

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