13 thoughts on “WCW: Michelle Pfeiffer

  1. I loved her as Isabeau in Ladyhawk! So beautiful and ethereal, yet tough as nails and as competent as her knight.

  2. I just love her generally and I am so glad she’s experiencing a bit of a comeback (or it seems like it, since she clearly never went away), but I’ll be honest – her turn as Betty Ford is the absolute best I’ve ever seen her.

  3. I feel like I should like a Midsummer Night’s Dream for the amazingly stacked cast but it also features one of my biggest pet peeves – taking Shakespeare, using just enough of his original wording to make it sound classical on the surface and then shoving in a bunch of discordant sounding “modern” lines. Stardust is a forever fave though; especially for De Niro’s sword fight while wearing a dress.

  4. Favourites are Ladyhawke, Dangerous Liasons, Cheri, Midsummer Night’s Dream and First Ladies with Hairspray a close 2nd.

      1. You’re not wrong. I was just coming to comment on the same thing. Not that that changes the wardrobe being very 80s inspired, but it is more 60s than 50s.

  5. While I thought she was very miscast in “Cheri” (despite the heavenly costuming and locations), I’ve really admired M.P. in certain roles, especially “Dangerous Liaisons.”

  6. Dangerous Liaisons by a mile, then Ladyhawke. Plus I will admit to an affection for Grease 2 (“I’ll be yours in win-ter, when the snow is on the grou-hound…”). She was the first person who made me notice that people just keep getting more beautiful as they age.

  7. Love Michelle in everything I’ve seen her in. Of her costume flicks I love Dark Shadows, Grease and Ladyhawke. I haven’t seen Dangerous Liasons (scurries of to hide in corner), but it is on my list. She was also the best part of that godawful Murder on the Orent Express, and she was amazing as Betty Ford.

  8. You forgot her role as Tzipporah, Moses’ wife in Prince of Egypt. … Just kidding. :-) I really like Michelle Pfeiffer as well but I haven’t seen many of these. She has a real elegance to her that I think works well in historical looks, even though outside of those works she does seem quite contemporary. One day I have to see Age of Innocence.

    I do see some line blurring with fantasy stuff… don’t get my hopes up that at some point you all might review LotR costumes the way you have some Disney flicks! :-)

    1. The whole world should see “Age of Innocence.” Michelle is good–not great–and Daniel Day Lewis is superb. A fine novel-into-film (and, yes, superb costumes as well).

  9. Oh no, the modern long-stemmed rose in Dangerous Liaisons hurts my eyes! How can they take such care with the clothes but ignore the rose?

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