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  1. I think I saw Miss Jane Pittman when I was a bit too young, but I do think I saw Woman Called Moses and it made an impression. I see a lot of movies I should watch. She’s iconic.

  2. With all due respect to Oprah’s performance, I still wish “Beloved” could have been made with a magically younger Tyson; she would have been magnificent as Sethe. Side note: Did anyone else ever see the portrait of Tyson that was made, I think, around the time of “Sounder,” in which she’s dressed and posed as a Southern belle of the mid-19th century, crinoline and all? (Instead of wig, she’s wearing her own short Afro.) She looks dreamy and exquisite; I wish I had kept that issue of Vogue, or whatever it was.

  3. A wonderful actress! Pittman was stellar in “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman”; a fantastic miniseries; and also in “A Woman Called Moses” and just about every role she’s ever played.

  4. I’d never heard of A Woman Called Moses before, and I’m interested to see it now! I’d also be interested to know how it compares with the more recent Harriet Tubman movie.

  5. Wow, this was an eye-opening WCW! For me, Cisley Tyson is one of those actors who seems to have been “old” for my entire memory! Looking back on her younger roles, was really interesting! There’s so much here I want to see. She truly is a national treasure. I know people who saw her on stage a few years ago, and they said she didn’t miss a beat! Aside from the movies I already knew about, I’m intrigued by the one with her and Vanessa Williams–The Trip to Bountiful–I’m gonna look for that one!

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