16 thoughts on “Top 5 Frock Flicks Swimsuits

  1. There’s something inherently fascinating about a knitted swimming costume – it’s so very different from our modern experience of swimwear as to make very clear that “The past is another country, they do things differently there”.

    I wonder how comfortable those knitted swimsuits were as they were wetted and dried out?

    1. They look really nice, but I also keep thinking about what they feel like when wet, and how heavy they must be. I also think the same when i see modern crochet bikinis where the bikinibottom ties together with super slender crochet strings, like, how does that not fall down when wet and heavy?

      1. My eightysomething father remembers woolen swimming trunks with horror – apparently they chafed very badly when wet and had a tendency to fall down under their own weight.

      2. They look really cute, but now they’d probably be like those swimsuits you wear when you’re just sunning around the pool

  2. Hercule Poirot’s swimsuit is great, but I also love Diana Rigg’s suits in the same movie (Especially the red one she wears with the espadrilles). :)

  3. I love Miss Fisher’s costume, and you really should have shown the swimming costume worn by Jack Robinson in the same episode. Nathan Page really is made for 1920’s clothes. In other great swimsuits there is the red swimsuit worn by Maeve Dermody in “And Then There Were None” (2015)

  4. There’s a beach scene in Chaplin with Robert Downey Jr looking pretty hot in a swimsuit. Now I may need to watch that movie again!

  5. When I think of historical bathing suits…I think of the (1994) film ‘The Road To Wellville’ with Anthony Hopkins & Matthew Broderick, and a star studded cast. It’s a seriously strange (true) story, with people in Victorian bathing suits and also a lot of bare bottoms 🤭.

  6. I find those 1900s men’s low-cut bathing suits (which resembled women’s maillots) kind of sexy; they reveal enough and cover up enough. Terry Jones of Monty Python did a fabulous solo in one. (He was at the seaside, trying to find an empty changing room, and ended up on a music hall stage doing a strip from his Edwardian striped suit into a bathing costume.)

  7. The t.v. show Another Period has a beach episode. The movie Sirens, the movie Brideshead Revisited, and the movie Enchanted April also had beach/swimming scenes.

  8. There are some nice clothes in Hotel Portofino, set after WW I. There is one “racy American woman” who has a lovely swimming suit.

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