7 thoughts on “Waste Some Time With Timewasters (2017)

  1. Whoa, Trystan! I NEVER heard of this series before but I will definitely watch it! When I first discovered this blog (a year or two ago), I stumbled upon the post you did about the lack of representation of people of color in period films with several quotes from Black British actors who felt the need to leave the UK to get steady work because of that issue. So, this show seems like a vindication of that with a Black creator making his own period work. Also, it looks REALLY fun. I tried watching Dancing on the Edge–which also has a Black jazz band in 20s or 30s UK at its core–but it was too bleak and, to me, the cast has no chemistry. This show looks like the antidote to that. Thanks for giving us the heads up about it!

  2. Must look for this; I love time-travel with a sense of humor and fun. The negrophilia thing apparently continued in France, reaching a possible zenith/nadir in Vadim’s version of “Dangerous Liaisons” (1959), when decadent rich people swap mates at parties with black jazz musicians grooving in the background. Are the rich people cultured or do they just find black people exotic and hip-signaling? Thelonious Monk and Art Blakey did provide the soundtrack, which is the best part of the film, apart from Jeanne Moreau being a wicked control freak. Nice costumes, too.

  3. Wow, looks super fun and interesting! Thanks for sharing about it–I also hadn’t heard anything.

  4. Royal Holloway is a university, not a drama school; presumably he did an academic degree in drama there, which would have involved practical classes but also much reading and writing.

    We rarely watch ITV, because the advert breaks are so annoying, but I’m sorry we missed this one. It may be on the ITV Hub streaming service – must look.

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