16 thoughts on “Timeless: Historical Train Wreck or Win?

  1. Without being an expert, I think you’re probably right about the lapels on his coat. It seems like the “v” shape comes down too low. And I think it’s possible that the coat isn’t actually long enough. From what I’ve seen of 1860s mens fashion, it should hit closer to the knees. But maybe the actor is just really tall and they couldn’t find anything that came that low on him? That tie is really throwing me off too. I’m not fond of the color either, but I don’t really know if it’s historically accurate or not.

    Did they even bother to corset Mary Todd Lincoln???

    1. On first glance, I thought that suit was supposed to be 1950s. I had flashbacks to George Reeves in Superman, and between the lapels and the shoulderpads, I certainly didn’t read 1865.

  2. Eadon216 stole my comment. That’s what I thought when I saw it. ? But Lucy’s 1860s dress does look like it fits in the bust and waist areas. Costumer should have looked more at photos of Alexandra Princess of Wales and her sister Marie Feodorovna. Both had tiny waist and looked slender.

  3. That jacket is pure 20th century. The cut, the lapels, yes, but the most of all those shoulder pads. There was still a soft, natural shoulder in the 1860s, and the sleeves would have an exaggeratedly wide elbow. The fit should be either very loose through the body (for the new, casual “sack” coat) or very closely fitted through the torso with a fuller “skirt” (the more formal “frock” coat), but either way, the lapels would be much smaller and button up much, much higher.

  4. Oops. Autocorrect. Should read Lucy’s dress looks Luke it doesn’t fit in the bust and waist. But I’m giving show a chance.
    I’ve been looking at photos of Albert Edward Prince of Wales around 1865 and his coats are cut differently. So perhaps Ms. Lorraine is correct on its appearance and I agree it should be longer.

    BTW are you podcasting Season 2 of Poldark.

  5. I also appears the Rufus’ trousers have a crease down the front. So far as I can find in a quick Google search, front creases came along in the 1890s, when the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) had his pressed that way. It was either because he was caught in the rain and the trousers were pressed to dry them, or because he decided a front crease was slimming!

    1. It’s an autocorrect kind of day! That first sentence should read “It also appears . . . .”

  6. Her hair drove me nuts through the episode. It felt like they tried for her outfit, but didn’t try for her hair. I’m not great at hair, but I know enough to know it was wrong, it was exactly what she had in her modern day hair.
    Next week is the Lincoln episode, and the episode hinted at having a 1960s episode with the moon landing somewhere in there.

  7. The crinoline dress is lovely. It does need something around the waist, a belt with attached peplum in the back, or a Swiss style waist, but I really like it even if it’s not a great style for her figure.

  8. Her hair drove me nuts through the episode. It felt like they tried for her outfit, but didn’t try for her hair. I’m not great at hair, but I know enough to know it was wrong, it was exactly what she had in her modern day hair.

    Frankly, the story for this series has intrigued me, so I’m not going to nitpick about the costumes. Especially since the government agency that they work for are not particularly accurate about the wardrobe that they give the leads. I still remember Abigail Spencer’s character complaining about the historically inaccurate skirt that she was forced to wear.

    1. I totally agree, I’m intrigued enough to watch more, and I’m not going to nitpick too much, but the character’s comments were what drove me to notice it so much. She made such a big deal about the inaccuracies of her outfit, and didn’t even touch her hair.

      It just stood out so much to me so much when we saw the rest of the episode and the other characters were correct for my limited knowledge. Also, my husband kept asking me to explain different parts, so it kept being brought back to my attention on this episode.

  9. Missed it last night. Was watching Hayley Atwell’s new series. Will catch it next week

  10. Just watched the second episode and from what I can tell the photo of the three of them with Rufus in the brown suit is actually from a later episode that takes place in 1836 — not sure if it makes it better or worse, but that era was sort of known for shoulder pad and lapels.

  11. OK this is super snarky and I’m sorry but I just can’t watch that actress. Her face really puts me off.

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