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  1. I, too, adore M. A. S. H. And to quote Hawkeye ‘Finest kind’ not sure if it’s one word or two.

  2. I love MAS*H. I will truly mourn when Alan Alda passes. My grandfather was a two-time Korea veteran, and he couldn’t stomach the show making light of the war. Of course he lost his hearing and nose as a medic in Korea, so I can see his point.

    1. My Grandpa was a MASH medic in WWII and Korea. He sadly passed when was 12 (Alzheimer’s, you asshole). He was the kindest man, and I wish I could have talked to him about his experiences more (after Korea, he and the family lived on Taiwan for a couple years. He made medical training films and helped train the Nationalists. Mao’s army had a price on his head! Their house was about two doors down from Chaing Kai Shek’s summer house. Mom saw Madam Chang Kai Shek once. In the early 60s he and the family [my Grandma, mother, and her two sisters] lived in Ethiopia and my mother saw Hailee Selassie several times in parades). So many stories, and he was such a loving, gentle man. I’ve always been curious how he felt about the show, too.

      1. I only know of his war experiences from my mom and grandma. He died in 2003 when I was 19, but he never talked about his time in Korea and Vietnam. He did start talking to my sister about Vietnam, but she bailed to go sleep. Why didn’t he talk to me? I’ll never know, but what I do know is that he loved Hogan’s Heroes, but was disgusted by humor being made of the Korean War.

  3. The first 3 years are probably the greatest tv episodes of all time. Not that the other years weren’t great, but there is not a bad episode from the pilot to when some of the original cast left

  4. I grew up with this show, and I still love it. But it was a little jarring when I actually visited Korea and found it was a mountainous, richly forested country – nothing like the California backlot they filmed on.

  5. I adore MAS*H with all my heart. There aren’t many shows that make me feel all the feelings. It really covered all the topics, even the most serious of them, as the show went on amazing showed the characters changing. I never really cared that the hair and makeup weren’t all that historical. The show was that freaking good.

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