12 thoughts on “Movies to Get You Psyched for Dickens Fair

  1. Wassail and masses of the ‘green fairy’ to you, Sarah. I love Dickens Fair and enjoyed it immensely when living in Cali, but now I’m in Louisiana and have the joy of Mardi Gras and Tiger football.

    Your movie choices get me in the mood for Christmas and thanks for that. I love the Pre-Rafs and my favourites are Burne-Jones and Morris.

    Sandy Powell’s costumes for Young Victoria are gorgeous, but don’t forget the BBC Victoria and Albert with Victoria Hamilton and I believe Colin Firth’s younger brother.

    BTW wasn’t Judy Davis in a Georges Sand movie?

    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. That last pic *is* the inimitable Judy Davis! Judy Davis! Judy Davis! … sorry … as Georges Sand in Impromptu. Click thru to the Frock Flicks post on that one for more lusciousness.

  2. I had a problem with the women’s hairstyles in “DESPERATE ROMANTICS”. It seemed as if the filmmakers were repelled by the idea of having the women’s hair pinned up in this production. I found it annoying.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the idea was to evoke the portraits of Lizzie, with her hair flowing everywhere. It’s not historically accurate, obviously, but I get why they did it.

  3. Every year!
    For me, the location has always been a stronger costuming influence than the theme itself. Pretending 19th century at the Cow Palace in San Francisco has always felt more Old West than Londontown, no matter how many times someone says ” ‘appy Christmas” ;) …maybe it’s the hay and sawdust??
    With that, I usually gear up for Dick-Faire with anything from Tombstone, The Missing, The Quick & The Dead, to Back to the Future 3 & episodes of Brisco County Jr….and I dress as a historical figure, too!

  4. I participate with my local SCA Barony at the Dickens Festival at Port Jefferson. I play a ladies maid and will be in the artisans tent demoing candle making.

  5. That said, it stars Aidan Turner as Rossetti and the writers capitalized on that fact by giving us plenty to appreciate in his, ahem, body of work, so I’m willing to forgive just about anything.

    What was his performance like?

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