11 thoughts on “MCM: Tom Cullen

  1. Maybe 6-7 years ago, while he was still dating Tatiana Maslany, they came into the market I worked at. I (privately, in the back room) squeed over Tatiana Maslay, but nearly did not recognise Tom Cullen, because a) he had a big beard, and b) was not in period costume!

    Anyway they were both really nice and bought a roast chicken for dinner.

  2. The armour, other material culture, and action in Knightfall are across the board awful. There was an article that came out at the time (from the production team of course) swearing on the authenticity of the armour, when it’s anything but. I remember seeing a castle siege in the show that has some of the more baffling tactics and logistics put to screen.

    They couldn’t be arsed to get some basics right. What did they think the “le Bel” in Philippe le Bel meant?

  3. He is yummy. His characters annoyed me in both Downton Abbey and Knightfall, but he looked good while doing it. I haven’t seen the others.

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